9 February 2017


Today I'm going to talk about a UK brand, Treaclemoon, which has been around for a while, but has just arrived in Australia. Treaclemoon makes a beautiful selection of Bath, Shower and Body with delicious scents. 

The Treaclemoon Bath & Shower Gels come in a large selection of scents including Iced Strawberry Dream, The Raspberry Kiss, My Coconut Island, Dusted Cocoa Heaven, One Ginger Morning - and I tried the Those Lemonade Days, Warm Apple Pie Hugs, and That Vanilla Moment.
The shower gels come in a large 500ml clear bottles that show the brightly coloured shower gel. The bottles have a flip lid on them, and as the only negative, I would have loved to see them come with a pump, especially considering their large size. The bottles have quirky and funny texts on them, which I think is really cute - you find things like this on the Warm Apple Pie Hugs bottle "memories of a cozy kitchen where sunlight danced and played… it felt like the whole world was cocooned in glorious apple pie heavenliness".
The actual shower gel has a nice consistency, not so runny that you waste half as it runs out of your hands, and not so thick that it feels like a lump on your skin, but just right! They create a lovely soft lather, especially if used with a loofah, and the scents are just gorgeous and so fresh, and without being too overpowering or sickly sweet. They gently cleanse the skin, and without drying it out too, something fragranced shower gels often do. And I love how the scents continue to linger in both my bathroom and on my skin after each shower.
  • The Warm Apple Pie Hugs is a peachy-pink bottle and it smells like fresh apples mixed with vanilla, just delish!
  • The Vanilla Moment is a pale peach bottle and it smells like vanilla
  • The Those Lemonade Days is a yellow bottle and it has a refreshing citrus scent
Of the three, my favourite is without a doubt the Those Lemonade Days, but only because I've got a thing for citrus scents, so it really hits the notes, but the other scents are lovely too.
Then there's the Treaclemoon The Raspberry Kiss Hand & Body Lotion, which is a also a clear bottle, showing the pink body lotion. The lotion has a light consistency and absorbs quickly and easily into the skin without greasiness, and does leave the skin feeling soft and smooth, and with the scent lingering behind. This works great for my normal skin, and also throughout the day on my hands, although if my hands are dry, I do find I need something richer. I like that this comes in a pump bottle as it makes so much easier to use.
And when you do need something Treaclemoon Body Butter is perfect. I also tried it in the Raspberry Kiss, which only has an every so faint pink colour. The scent is the same as the Hand & Body Lotion, though I don't find it quite as strong, which I actually prefer. It comes in a tub with a pink label, and the actual moisturiser is thick and creamy, and really good for those dry legs. Considering its thicker consistency, it absorbs surprisingly quickly into the skin without any greasiness or tackiness. I've personally like using the Body lotion on my upper body, and the Body Butter on my legs, as they seem a little more moisture.
The products are also very well priced, and even more so when you consider the super-sized bottles, and the bright colours look great in the bathroom too.
And actually the shower gels have won awards overseas for best budget shower gels, which goes to show how lovely they are!!
So overall these are really lovely products, and I love their fresh scents - though again my fave without a doubt was the Those Lemonade Days, simply due to its zesty and uplifting scent - but that said the other scents were lovely too, and with so many different scents, there's something for everyone and every preference. I certainly can certainly see myself purchasing the Lemonade Shower Gel and a few other products in that range, as well as I wouldn’t mind putting a few more different scents to the test as well..
Treaclemoon Bath & Shower Gel - RRP: $12.95 / 500ml each
Treaclemoon Hand & Body Lotion - RRP: $14.95 / 350ml each
Treaclemoon Body Butter - RRP: $14.95 / 250ml each 
Available from iglamour

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