20 February 2017


Rimmel London has done it again!! Just over ago, Rimmel launched the Only 1 Lipstick (you can see my post here), with the claim that these lipsticks were the only lipsticks you needed in your life, offering everything you needed including high impact colour, moisture, comfort and wear - and to this day, I still love these lipsticks. Since then, the trend of having matte lips has settled in - and now Rimmel has followed troop and launched the Only 1 Matte Lipsticks.

These lipsticks come in similar packaging as the original lipsticks, only these are not shiny black, but rather matte red, and still with the little band signifying the shade of the individual lipstick. However, while I love the packaging, I would have preferred if the top wasn't slanted, as it makes it tricky to store them standing up so you can see the coloured dot in the bottom, so while the shape of the packaging looks stylish, I would personally have preferred if the top had been flat too.

The lipsticks are very comfortable to wear, and as promised, they do not feel drying on the lips, and do not settle into fine lines either as you wear them, but they actually feel very moisturising, which is very rare for a matte lipstick. They also have a great wear, longest for the darkest and boldest shades, where I managed to get 4+ hours before I felt that I needed to reapply, and like most other lipsticks, they don't like it if you eat or drink.  

They are also very pigmented, and again even more so for the darker bolder shades, and generally, just one swipe is sufficient for a full colour-payoff, leaving the lips with a velvety matte finish. They have a gorgeous fruity scent, which I really like, but if you're sensitive to strong scents, you may find it a tad much.

Top, L-R: 200, 610, 110, 120, 500, 810
Bottom, L-R: 700, 750, 800

There are nine shades in the range, which includes; 
  • 200 Salute - a pale dusty pink nude shade. I really wanted to love this shade, but unfortunately find it doesn’t match my skintone, and make me look too 'washed out' 
  • 610 High Flyer - a dusty, pinky mauve shades, that is just gorgeous. Pale enough to look casual, but dark enough to add colour. The perfect everyday shade.
  • 110 Leader of The Pink - lighter, slightly "Barbie-ish' pink shade - beautiful on most, but personally I prefer more red shades.
  • 120 Call the Shots - a bright pinky-red shade, that is just stunning, and perfect to brighten up the face. I love it.
  • 500 Take the Stage - a classic blue-toned red shade, that looks just stunning. I think this is my favourite of the bunch.
  • 810 The Matte Factor - a deep berry toned pink, that again looks stunning, and is very wearable.
  • 700 Trendsetter - a pale peachy brown nude shade - which again, unfortunately I find it too pale for my skin.
  • 750 Look Who’s Talking - a dark slightly brownish red wine shade, that is absolutely stunning. I love this shade, another favourite.
  • 800 Run the Show - a bright medium purple shade. This is a fun shade if you're after something a little different, but I'm a little too conservative for this one, sadly. 
Overall, I am really impressed with these shades, and from the 9 different shades, I naturally have a few favourites which is only natural - but generally I also find the colour range very broad, so there is something for everyone, whether you're after a pale nude, or a bold dark red, or a slightly out-there purple shade.
I admit to not usually being a fan of matte lipsticks, simply because they often don't feel comfortable to wear, but Rimmel has really hit the nail with this formula as they are so comfortable to wear, while giving you that nice velvety matte finish. Definitely worth checking out.
Rimmel London The Only 1 Matte Lipstick - RRP: $15.95 
Available from Priceline, variety stores, and select pharmacies
* Products have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.


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