18 June 2015


Today I'd like to share with you some new products from DreamBaby that helps in keeping your baby and toddler safe in the bathroom.

The Dreambaby Easy-Clean Potty Seat

Our little boy is almost 2 years old, I believe that we are getting very close to starting to need potty training as he is starting to let us know when he needs to ‘go’. Thanks to this cute Easy-Clean Potty Seat from Dreambaby this training will hopefully be a whole lot easier. The seat fits onto most toilets and has a convenient handles on the sides giving the toddlers something to hang onto to make them feel more secure. The seat is also cushioned to make long ‘sessions’ more comfortable for little bums. And as the cushioned seat comes away from the base of the seat, it is also easy to clean afterwards. It comes with the cutest ocean theme pattern that the kids will love! RRP: $19.95

Dreambaby Anti-Slip Bath Mat

Our little boy loves his bath, and has now more or less outgrown his baby bath tub that we used to sit inside the bathtub. The baby bathtub had a non-slip pattern in the bottom, so moving him into the big, and slippery bath is a daunting task, but for him, but for mummy and daddy as well! This cute Anti-Slip Bath Mat from Dreambaby is sure to take the stress away for all of us. The Bath Mat has suction cups underneath that holds it securely in place in the bathtub. And it is so cute, decorated with an ocean theme and fun animals, which our little boy instantly fell in love with.

And I love that it has a heat-sensing starfish in the corner, which cleverly changes colour if the bath water is too hot, making it very safe too. Occasionally we also take our little boy in the shower, which he also loves, but again, the shower base can be very slippery for little feet, but again, the bathmat works perfectly so he doesn’t slip!

Dreambaby Bath Tub Spout Cover

Finally, the last new product is the Dreambaby Bath Tub Spout Cover. The bath spout sticking out of the wall can be a very dangerous thing, as it is often very sharp, so not great if your little one happens to bang their head onto one! But sadly it cannot be moved, but thanks to this Bath Tub Spout Cover, you can at least cover it up to make it a safer environment for your child, should he slip and knock his head.

The blow-up cover has a nice cushioned effect on the spout, and fits most taps, and of course it has a hole underneath so you can still run the water whilst it is on the tap. It is decorated with cute whales fitting the bath themes. RRP: $6.95

So there you go, a selection of brilliant new products from Dreambaby will help make a safer environment for your little one – and all at budget friendly prices so you simply cannot afford not to child proof your house!

*Product was kindly provided for consideration, and has reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

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  1. Great post. The toilet seat cover is great. It would be a good thing to have at my parents house for when my 4 yr old stays there as she's not comfortable on a "grown up" seat. We have an inbuilt toddler seat in our lid and it's great. It was about $60 from Bunnings but is a great seat to have as you're not having to put it on/off all throughout the day.

    PS congrats on the birth of your little one :) Sooo cute.

  2. Great products! Was there a price on the anti-slip bath mat?


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