19 June 2015


Today I’d like to share with you my thoughts on the Natural Boar Bristle and Nylon Hair Brush from Rock & Ruddle;

What They Say:

This Rock & Ruddle Hairbrush is made in the traditional style with tufts of boar bristle. This natural bristle distributes the hair’s oil down each shaft giving the hair extra shine. Each tuft also includes one nylon strand to gently separate, detangle and smooth the hair. It is perfect for brushing, blow drying and shaping all hair types and lengths. Available in various designs and prints, including Zebra, Snake and Leopard print.

RRP: $59.95 – Available from
David Jones

What I Say:

I have quite long and thick hair, and have had for almost as long as I can remember – often considered getting it cut shorter, but yet to get the courage! Anyway, with so much hair, having the right hair tools is essential to not only make styling easier, but certainly also to help maintain healthy hair.

A hair brush is one of those essential tools, if not the most important one, yet, I don’t think I’ve ever owned a ‘good’ hair brush. For some reason I’ve always been happy spending up big on salon quality shampoos, conditioners and treatments, but when it comes to my hair brushes, a cheap plastic drugstore one have been all I’ve ever known. Until I was offered to try the Natural Boar Bristle and Nylon Hair Brush from Rock & Ruddle;

The Rock & Ruddle brand comes from the UK where it was founded by Alexandra Rock and Jackie Ruddle in 2012, and all brushes are made in the UK.

Again, I’ve never used a quality hair brush, mainly because the ones I’ve come across have been ridiculously expensive, and for some reason I haven’t seen it as an ‘investment’, and an item that would last forever. So I’ve also never tried brushing my hair with boar bristles, but only nylon/plastic ones – and from the very first brush, I could tell the difference.

And the Rock and Ruddle brush make my long thick hair so much easier to comb, without I feel that I have to drag and pull my hair to get rid of any knots and tangles. I only wash my hair every 2-3 days, and still my hair is never particularly greasy, not even at the scalp, yet a bit of build up of oil in the scalp can never be avoided when you don’t wash your hair every day, - but when brushing my hair with the brush, I can both see and feel that this oil is evenly distributed throughout my hair, which also helps give my hair natural shine, and not to mention, help keep my hair healthier by providing the lengths with natural oils that stops it from drying out!

But the brush also helps keep your hair cleaner for longer, as the scales on the bristles help pick up dirt and excess oils as you brush your hair. And of course, you can easily clean the bristles by dipping them in soapy water, making sure to never to submerge the whole brush into the water. If needed you can remove the bristle bad and clean it separately, before clicking it back into the brush.

They also keep the hair clean as the scales pick up dirt and excess oils as the go through the hair. The bristles can be cleaned by dipping them in warm, soapy water.

The brush is also suitable for use when blow drying or styling your hair, but I have to admit that being pregnant and having a toddler to look after at the same time, I often haven’t got the time or the energy to do a lot to my hair, so I predominantly just leave it to dry by itself, so I’m yet to try how it performs when used for blow-drying.

The brush I tried comes with a gorgeous Leopard design, which is such a refreshing change from the usual silver or black brushes that I’ve been using for decades, and it is also available in a Snake or Zebra design, as well as various other designs and prints so there is something for every taste, as well as it is also available in a small version (RRP $39.95), so your child can have a matching version!

Overall I really love this brush. Not only does it look super stylish, it is also making a huge difference to the overall health of my hair, and how shiny and healthy it looks on a daily basis. If only I’d come across the Rock and Ruddle brushes sooner. Now I’m keen to get hold of one of the small brushes as I would be perfect for the handbag too! 

*Product was kindly provided for consideration, and has reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

Ever heard of Rock and Ruddle? What type of hair brush do you use?

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