8 June 2015


After a very long and stressful journey trying to get pregnant with our first boy Oliver, (which you can read about here), and we were just about to embark on a new round of IVF in the hope of giving Oliver sibling when we realised that I was in fact 7 weeks pregnant! Naturally! Cannot say what a relief that was not having to go through all the hormone treatments, not sure how I would have coped with that along with the countless hospital visits, all while looking after a toddler as well. And not to mention, of course also very happy to save a bucket load of money too!

The first couple of months of the pregnancy, I was really plagued by morning sickness, or rather all day sickness, as that is what I was. Hardly a day went by where I wasn’t sick, so it was so nice when I finally got better around Christmas time.

I was then very lucky that the rest of my pregnancy was easy and smooth without any issues – except by the time I was 36 weeks, I started developing an itchy and burning rash all over my body, also called pregnancy rash, or PUPP. As the days ticked on, it got worse and worse, and nothing seemed to make it better. And as it kept me awake most nights and drained me so much, eventually my obstetrician decided it was time to induce me at 39 weeks, at the hope that the rash would subside soon after birth as the hormones in my body started to level out – so on the 25th May or little boy, Jake arrived.

My water was broken not long after 8am, and hereafter labour was short, but very sharp and intense, and at 12.45 our little boy arrived, weighing a healthy 3.45kgs and 50cm long. And ok, I may be a touch biased, but we think he is absolutely beautiful and gorgeous. He is almost a spitting image of big brother when he was born (check it out here), so it will be interesting to see if Jake grows into a blonde blue eyed boy like his brother Oliver.

Friday morning we were about to go home, when it was decided to do a final jaundice check on Jake – Oliver was quite jaundiced when he was born, and in the days following Jake’s birth, I was suspecting he was too. So over the course of the week he was checked several times, but levels were ok. However, the blood test Friday morning was borderline, so we were told that we could go home, but to come back Saturday morning for a new blood test.
So we enjoyed a lovely Friday afternoon, evening and night at home and unfortunately the blood test Saturday morning showed the jaundice levels had increased, so we had to stay in hospital overnight so that he could be treated in the phototherapy light box. Luckily new tests on Sunday morning were better, and finally, at 6pm Sunday evening we could go home, although we still had to go back to the hospital for a check-up on Tuesday just to make sure that he was beating the jaundice.

Unfortunately, staying home was short lived as Wednesday morning as I got up for an early feed I fainted. Luckily I didn't yet have my little boy in my arms, I didn't hit my head or anything, and my husband found me rather quickly. But then I fainted a further three times, so he called an ambulance.
I then spent the following days until Saturday being prodded and probed as they were trying to work out why my blood pressure was exceptionally low, I had a fever and where the infection in my body they could see from the blood tests was coming from. X-Rays, Ultrasounds, CT Scan, you name it - and can you believe it, they even did a pregnancy test, and it came up positive - and they were fully aware that I was 10 days postpartum, and the hormones still present in my body would give a positive result, LOL!!
They never really came up with any answers, but eventually put it down to mastitis, and started treating me accordingly.

From Thursday evening I was able to have little Jake stay with me so I could continue breastfeeding. And so finally Saturday afternoon we got home again, relaxing, and catching up on some much needed sleep, and simply enjoying having our little boy home.

I am starting to feel better, although still tired, and sadly the pregnancy rash still hasn't gone yet. But here's hoping that after a very bumpy two weeks it will be nothing but smooth sailing here.

And as for Oliver, he absolutely adores his little brother, and wants to kiss and cuddle him all the time.

Finally, I’d just like to thank you all for all your well wishes, and for all the beautiful care packages that have arrived, it means the world to me. And thanks so much for sticking around for the past two weeks while I’ve been completely MIA!!

To all brands and PR, I am so sorry for the delay with promised features and posts, and generally for the lack of replies to both emails and comments on Instagram and Facebook, I'll do my very best to get up to speed as soon as possible. And while I can’t quite promise that I’m yet to return to my previous blogging schedule of a daily post, as looking after a newborn and an almost 2 year old active boy will sure have its challenges, I will certainly do my best to post a little more regularly.
Until then, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Facebook where I do tend to post a little more frequently.

Karina xx

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