28 June 2015


Today it’s all about toddler shoes as I review the Attipas Toddler Shoes;

What They Say:
Attipas are the number one choice of shoes for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. As light as a sock but more supportive than a pre walker, Attipas will support your little one from their very first steps until 4 years of age. Based on seven years of research, Attipas are award-winning and have been endorsed by Australian podiatrists. Lightweight. Flexible. Convenient. Breathable. Safe. Attipas shoes are Walking Science.

RRP: $29.95 – Available from Attipas

What I Say:
My little boy started walking when he was around 13 months, but now at the age of 2 years old he still occasionally slips on the timber floors as he simply tries to run faster than he should, and that’s where the Attipas are so perfect.

The shoes are made with a non-slip gripped sole, making he a little more stable on his feet . I also like that the shoes are not only breathable, but they are also very light and very flexible so there is nothing holding him back. The shoes are designed a little like a sock with a rubber sole, and consequently they stay on better than a ‘normal’ pair of shoes. With the rubber soles, the shoes can naturally be used outside, but at the moment, we are using them as slippers for our little boy, as it is so much safer for him to run around with the rubber sole than in a pair of socks, and not to mention, warmer too now that the autumn weather has really set in here in Melbourne.

But should they be used outside and get dirty, that’s not a problem at all, as they can easily just be popped into the washing machine, and they’ll be as good as new again!

The Attipas have a slightly peculiar look, looking a little like clown shoes with the large ‘nose’, but on the other hand I really like that there is plenty of room for his toes to move, unlike mummy’s toes that are often squished in pointy stilettoes, which is hardly good for the feet!

Overall I really like these shoes, and the fact that they are not only good for his feet and general development, they also makes running around a whole lot safer, while keeping his feet warm, and looking pretty cute too!

The Attipas shoes are available from baby shoes up to 3-4 year olds, so it definitely won’t be the last pair that he’s got, as well as I'm pretty keen on getting hold of a pair for little brother when he starts to walk.

*Product was kindly provided for consideration, and has reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

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