24 May 2015


Just 7 days to go now before baby is due!! The last two days I’ve shown you what I’ll be bringing with me in terms of makeup, as well as skin, body and haircare. And needless to say that I also need to bring a few essentials for the baby, including of course clothes and also nappies (as for some reason, most hospitals just don’t provide those), but I will also bring a few other skincare items for the baby including:

GAIA Natural Baby Travel Pack

I’ve raved about the baby skincare products from GAIA Natural Baby before, and I still love their products. This travel pack is so convenient, with its handy small bottles containing 50ml each, - and just what you need of the most essential products, Bath & Body Wash, Baby Shampoo and Baby Moisturiser. The products have a beautiful gentle natural scent and I can relax knowing that they are so gentle that they are suitable for use on a newborn too. RRP: $14.95.

Curash Jumbo Fragrance Free Baby Wipes

I remember vividly the very messy first couple of nappies that you have to change on a baby!!! Not an easy task, and hence why decent nappy wipes are an absolute must. These Jumbo wipes from Curash are some of the biggest ones I’ve come across, and as they are also fairly thick too, they are perfect for any ‘messy’ situation. And I love that they are fragrance free and gentle too, so they are suitable for use on a newborn’s sensitive skin. RRP: $4.99 

Curash Multi-Purpose Healing Cream

I’ve been using this cream lately to deal with my 23 year old boy’s dribble rash that seems to come and go all the time. We’ve tried countless of products, including creams on script, and nothing really seems to help – except this healing cream which seems to give him instant relief, as well as it seems help heal his faster too. Lately I’ve also been using the cream as I’ve developed a bad pregnancy rash and the cream seems to soothe my skin a little too – and I will be bringing it along to the hospital as it is suitable for any skin irritation or rash on a newborn’s skin too. RRP: $8.49

Acca Kappa Gentle Hair Brush

This hair brush came in a beautiful gift box along with a gorgeous piece of soap, which I will however keep and use when we get home.

Our first little boy was born with a lot of very dark hair, which he eventually did lose and now he has a head full of very very blonde hair! - so I can only assume that the new baby will also have a head full of hair too, so this beautiful Acca Kappa baby blue brush made from beech wood with a natural rubber cushion with white natural bristles, will help ensure that our little bub will have the best groomed and shiny hair in the hospital, ready to meet family and friends for the first time! RRP: $79.00

*Some products may have been provided for consideration, but would still be reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

So there you go, these are the baby skincare products that I’ve pack to bring with me to hospital.. Hopefully I haven’t forgotten anything!
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