19 May 2015


With a 23 month old toddler roaming around the whole house, his safety couldn’t be of higher importance. There are dangers everywhere in the house where he can potentially get into trouble, or even worse get seriously hurt. But thanks to Dreambaby, it is easy to ‘baby proof’ your house with some simple yet extremely effective. Here are our thoughts on some newly launched Dreambaby products we’ve put to the test; 

Dreambaby Soft Touch Corner Cushions


Our little boy is running fast around the house these days, and he is just at the high now where his head is in line with the kitchen bench. And very sharp bench stone one too, so if he really was to run into it, it would seriously hurt, and may even cause serious damage. But thanks to the new Soft Touch Corner Cushions any serious injury can easily be prevented, as the Cushion Corners come have a soft protective layer that takes any sharpness away.

These Soft Cushion Corners can easily be applied to any sharp corner, on any surface, thanks to the adhesive tape. And at just $.6.95 for four corners, they are so cheap that you’d be silly not to get some.

The Dreambaby Door Knob Covers

We currently live in an old house while we are building a new one, and unlike our old house, this temporary house has got round door knobs on every single door. To begin with we thought that was great, as surely that would make it even more difficult for our little boy to open doors, then if we had lever door handles, and that we could simply close off rooms that we didn’t want him to enter. Sadly not the case. As soon as he realised that he could easily open the doors with the knob handles, no room was safe. Pointless closing the doors, as he would open them instantly again. The main issues where the bathroom and the toilet – needless to say that we didn’t want him to play with the toilet!!, and I cannot say that I was keen on him playing around with my lotions and potions, or makeup for that matter!

Enter the Dreambaby Door Knob Covers. These plastic covers easily slip over the doorknobs making it more difficult for little hands to grab, while small holes in the sides of the cover, still allow adults easy access. The opaque covers are easy to snap onto most door knob handles without any tools, and removes easily again! An absolute necessity to keep your toddler (and your prized possessions!) safe. RRP: $7.95 for a pack of three.

Dreambaby's new Ezy-Check Multi-Use Latch

Another new product from Dreambaby is the Ezy-Check Multi-Use Latch. This latch is as the name suggests, a multi-function latch as it can be used in so many locations from cabinets, cupboards, refrigerators and toiles. The latch comes with adhesive tape that easily attaches to most surfaces, and if you ned to relocate it, you can replace it with strong double sided tape.

The latch is almost like a chain lock, as it also has a release lock and an indicator to show if it is locked or unlocked, so it really is perfect to childproof any area, as will make it very difficult for a little toddler to open.

Personally I’ve put it on the pantry doors – as one ‘accident’ too many with our little boy playing with a pack of open rice, pasta and even flour, made it not only frustrating to have to clean up (and throw the food away), but we ended up only being able to use the top third of the pantry, making it very difficult to store our food! RRP $5.95.

Dreambaby Premium Nail Clipper with Magnifier


I’ve always hated trimming my little boy’s tiny nails, as I’d so hate to hurt him. He has never been fond of it, so I’ve always tried to do it while he was asleep, but that’s not even possible anymore, as even sleeping he seems to pull his hands away. He has gotten a little better lately, and on a good day I can manage to trip about 3-4 nails before he gets fed up! So it does take a few goes to do all the nails, and unfortunately his nails seems to grow incredibly fast, so we seem to be doing it all the time!

But thanks to a new Nail Clipper with a magnifier from Dreambaby, this dreaded task is now a little easier. The magnifying glass folds out, so you can get a close-up look at the tiny nails, hence minimising the risk of any accidents. The Nail Clippers sit nicely in the hand thanks to its ergonomical design, and it folds up nicely, so not only protect the magnifying glass, but also make it small and convenient to bring when you are on the go! An absolute genius idea! RRP: 5.95

So there you go, a selection of brilliant new products from Dreambaby will help make a safer environment for your little one – and all at budget friendly prices so you simply cannot afford not to child proof your house! 

*Product was kindly provided for consideration, and has reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

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