6 May 2015


When I was born, it was normal to tuck babies under a loose doona, but times have changed, and it is now known that it is so much safer to let your little one sleep in a sleep bag, without any danger or chocking. Today I’d like to share my thoughts on and the Nuzzlin Sleep Bag and Inventa Sleep Bag from Love to Dream;

What They Say:

Inventa Sleep Bag: The breakthrough Genius Cooling System helps you moderate your baby’s temperature without disturbing their precious sleep routine. Simply open or close the built-in zip as needed. Unlike other baby sleeping bags, your baby’s temperature can be gently adjusted by using The Genius Cooling System without waking your baby. A more even temperature & increased comfort means more sleep for everyone! Available in 0.5TOG, 1.0TOG and 2.5TOG.

RRP: $59.95 (0.5TOG), $69.95 (1.0TOG) and $79.95 (2.5TOG) – Available from Love to Dream

Nuzzlin Sleep Bag: The gorgeous light & highly breathable 0.2 TOG fabric that we use in our Nuzzlin Sleep Bags will allow your little one to sleep comfortably even on the warmest nights. It's also a perfect option for day sleeps. The Nuzzlin Sleep bag has been designed with your child's comfort in mind. Available in three sizes; 4-12months,12-18months, and 18-36months.

RRP: 44.95 – Available from Love to Dream

What I Say:

Let me first apologise for the lack of photos with my little boy in these sleep bags. We recently spent a week in hospital for sleep school, which was an absolute success. But needless to say that since then, sleep has become an important matter in our house. And our little boy associates sleep bags with going to sleep. So it has simply been impossible to try to get him to pose in the sleep bags outside his sleep times, and just before he is going to bed, there is no way he is in the mood for having photos taken!

Anyway, let’s start with the Nuzzlin Sleep Bag. This sleep bag comes in a 0.2 TOG. If you are unfamiliar with the term TOG, basically, the higher the TOG (with 2.5OG being the highest), the thicker the sleep bag, and hence more suitable during the colder months. This 0.2 TOG Sleep bag is the thinnest one from Love to Dream, and it is hence perfect for hot summer nights, as well as it is perfect for daytime sleeps.

The bag is made from light and soft cotton knitted fabric that is soft on the baby’s skin, so he is comfortable while sleeping, and as it is so light, it also allows the skin to breathe, so there is no risk of overheating.

The bag has press studs on the shoulder that close the bag firmly, and a long zipper that zips from the side and all the way down to the bottom. This means that it is quick and easy to place a wiggling baby into the bag, as well as the long zipper means that you can just unzip it in case you need to change a dirty nappy!

The sleep bag comes in a range of different designs suitable for both boys and girls, including this one with grey and white edging and a cute apple on the chest!

The Inventa Sleep Bag is slightly different as it has a few more features, and is hence also my favourite of the two. It comes in different fabric designs, and in three different TOGs so there is a sleep bag for every season. We tried the 1.0TOG which is perfect for trans-seasonal weather.

Like the Nuzzlin Sleep Bag, the Inventa Sleep Bag also has press studs on the shoulder and a zipper that runs from the side and all the way down along the bottom of the bag. But where it differs is that it has a fantastic cooling system, where you can unzip the coloured zipper (in the case of the sleep bag we tested, it’s turquoise) to reveal a breathable mesh ventilation if you feel your child’s temperature Is getting too warm – or you can of course close it too, if you feel your child is getting cool. And it is so easy that you can do without waking your child, also regardless if your child is a back or tummy sleeper as there is a vent on both the front and back of the sleep bag! Making sure that your little child is comfortable during the night would be the priority of any parent, so how genius is this feature!

The second feature the Inventa Sleep bag has is slots at the front and back of the sleep bag so you can still strap your child in the car or stroller whilst on the move.

And I really also love this feature, as if you for instance go out at night, and know your little one is going to fall asleep at night, you’ve got better success at transferring them from the car to their cot without waking them, if you don’t have to fumble around getting them into a sleep bag when you get home!


The sleep bag also has press studs at the bottom of the bag so you can adjust the length of the bag as your grows.

Common for both sleep bags is also that you can completely unzip them to spread them out, which is particularly handy when washing and drying them, as it allows them to dry a whole lot quicker – and I know all about that, as I already have a few 2.5 TOG sleep bags from another brand that has a shorter zipper at the front only, which means that now that it’s winter it really does take a long time for it to dry!

So all in all I really love these sleep bags for my little boy. I am comfortable that he is not only safe (the sleep bags are certified to Australian standards), but also comfortable which helps him sleep through the night. But I also love not only the quality of the bags (they have now both been washed numerous times, and you can’t tell!), the innovative features, but that Love to Dream support SIDS research!

I know that the Nuzzlin Bag will be sure to be used extensively come summer, and as will the 1.0 Inventa Bag as spring approaches. So now I need to quickly get hold of a couple of 2.5TOG Inventa Sleep Bags to keep our little boy warm during the cold winter nights!

*Product was kindly provided for consideration, and has reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

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