11 May 2015


Today I’d like to introduce you to W7 Cosmetics, a range of budget friendly makeup. The W7 Cosmetics range was created in London in 2002, with the aim to give every woman access to an extensive range of high quality cosmetics at an affordable price, and in fact, it is so cheap, that most items are available for just $4.99 each!!

W7 Crème de la Crème Blush in Heavenly

This cream blush comes in a large round compact and I find it is best used with your fingers. The shade Heavenly is a medium dusty pink shade that is perfect to create a natural flushed cheek. It does go on quite sheer, but you can build up the colour a little if you like. RRP: $4.99

W7 Silky Smooth Quad Eye Shadows in Shades of Brown

This eye shadow quad contains a white shade, a champagne shade, a golden shade as well as a dark brown, all with a pearlescent, that a however still subtle enough for every day use. In short this palette contains just what you need for an everyday neutral look, and you can use the shades either individually, or combined where they are perfectly matched together. The eye shadows have a relatively good wear, especially if you use a primer first. The compact comes with a sponge applicator, and it has a clear lid, and a golden base, which does make it look a little cheap in my opinion, but considering the price, you cannot complain. RRP: $4.99

W7 in the Nude Eye Shadow Palette

At just $9.99 this has to be about the cheapest eye shadow dupe for Urban Decay palettes that I’ve come across! It even comes in a metallic case! There are 12 eye shadows ranging in colour from a champagne nude, though pink-ish nudes, burnt nudes though to dark chocolate browns, with some of the colours matte and others with a sheen.

And as someone who rarely wears anything but nude and brown eye shadows, I cannot say that here is any colour that I don’t like and wouldn’t wear. The palette also comes with a double ended applicator that has a sponge in one end and a brush in the other. As with the eye shadow quad, you can naturally use any of the shades individually for a quick and simple look, or in any imaginable combination to create the perfect smoky nude eye. RRP: $9.99

W7 Zoom 7x More Volume Mascara in Black

This mascara as the name suggests, promises to give the lashes 7 x more volume , which is an impressive claim. The mascara separates the lashes nicely, and after a few coats, it does build up both length and volume in the lashes, although I wouldn’t quite go as far as to say that it creates a dramatic look, and certainly not 7 times more than my natural lashes. But in saying that, it coats and separates my lashes nicely without any clumping, and gives you lashes a nice look for daytime wear. Unfortunately it is not waterproof, which I tend to need during the winter when my sensitive eyes start to water in the chilly winter winds, but it doesn’t claim to be either! RRP: $4.99

W7 Deluxe Gel Pencil in Blackest Black


This eye liner in black has a lovely soft consistency that makes it easy to draw around the eyes without dragging or pulling the sensitive skin. It has a fairly good pigmentation so you only have to draw one line. It also comes with a ‘smudger’ at the other end of the pencil, which is always handy. Unfortunately I have sensitive eyes that easily water, especially when I’m out and about in the cold winds, and because of that, I think it meant that it didn’t stay put as well as it should have, but again the products shouldn’t be blamed for that! RRP: $4.99

W7 Nail Polish

The nail polishes are available both in individual large nail polishes, as well as in a pack featuring four mini polishes. The design of the bottles are very similar to those of OPI, and they have a decent and large brush, so its quick and easy to paint your nails. The nail polishes do have a strong chemical scent, and unfortunately aren’t 3-Free, but not many nail polishes at that price point are. I’ve been wearing the nail polish in Slate, a nice dark grey shade for a few days now, and it has a fairly good wear of a few days, which again I find reasonable.

RRP: Individual nail polishes, 15ml: $2.99, The Fab Four, pack of 4 mini nail polishes, 4 x 5ml; $4.99

Harder & Tuffer Nail Treatment

This nail treatment promises healthier nails that row harder and tuffer. Right now, being pregnant, my nails are very strong and grow really fast, so it is not the right time for me to put this nail treatment to the test – but I know that a few months after giving birth, it will be a different story, and then it will be handy to have at hand. The treatment on clear, and you simply apply a coat to clean nails, and can then follow with nail polish and top coat as per usual. RRP: $4.99. 

W7 Prime Magic Camera Ready Face Primer

With combination skin I rely on a good primer to make my makeup stay put past lunch time. As most other primers, this primer is silicone based, and the clear primer applies easily onto the skin, leaving it with it a smooth and matte finish. Applying makeup afterwards is easy, and it glides on more easily and it is as if I need to use less makeup for an even finish – probably because the primer has already filled out ever line, wrinkle and pore in my skin. The primer also helps make the makeup stay looking nice for longer, and by the afternoon, I’m still yet to see any shine on my t-zone area! RRP: $4.99

W7 Lipsticks

The lipsticks from the W7 range is available in a range of different colours, in formulas with both shine and a matte finish. Common for both styles is that they are fairly pigmented, so just one swipe is enough for a saturated look. They feel comfortable to wear and they last a couple of hours on the lips, less if you eat or drink, which again I feel is reasonable considering the price. RRP: $4.99

Overall I have to say that I’ve been very pleasantly surprised by the quality of these products from W7. I have previously seen them at the chemist, but to be honest, walked straight past, as I didn’t think they would be any good when they were that cheap!

Out of the products I’ve tried, the standouts were the In the Nude Eye Shadow Palette, which is a fantastic palette containing all the colours thinkable for a nude eye makeup, and at just $9.99 it is certainly a great dupe if you cannot afford or justify to fork out 8 times as much on the ‘original’ one!

I also really like the cream blush, and the natural flushed look it gives my cheeks, as well as the lipsticks as they feel lovely on the lips, whether you prefer a matte look or one with a touch of sheen. Finally, I also quite like the nail polishes, as not only are the colours lovely, they also apply nicely and have a decent wear too! So all in all it goes to show that sometimes you can get a decent quality even at bargain prices!

The W7 Cosmetics range is available exclusively from Chemist Warehouse and My Chemist

So there you go, a selection of different makeup from W7 Cosmetics at budget friendly prices. 

*Product was kindly provided for consideration, and has reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

Have you ever come across W7 Cosmetics? Tried any of their products?

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