11 October 2014


As you might have read by now, I am about currently in Europe, more specifically in Denmark visiting my family, along with our 15 month old boy, so that he can meet the rest of the family. Needless to say that I’m enjoying my time.

Getting here was pretty exhausting through, it is a long way to travel with such a little one, trying to keep him entertained all the time, but luckily he was very well behaved and got lots of attention from both flight attendants and fellow travellers too.

Travelling just the two of us suddenly meant that packing was a bit of a challenge, having to suddenly fit enough stuff for both of us into the one suitcase. And well, my boy needed the stuff he needs, including toys, so it meant that I sadly had to restrict the amount of stuff I took along, including shoes, makeup and skincare. It called for very smart packing. Here are some of the things that made the cut;

Benefit Radiant Skincare Set


To get me started, the Radiant Skincare set from Benefit is an excellent choice. It includes Refined Finish Facial Polish to exfoliate and purity the skin while minimising the pores. It also contains a Foaming Clean Facial Wash to remove makeup and keep your skin clean and clear, as well as a Moisture Prep Toning Lotion that removes any remaining makeup while revitalising and keeping the skin hydrated and ready to absorb moisturiser. Next in the box is Triple Performing Facial Emulsion SPF15, which is an oil-free gel that helps keep your skin moisturised and the Total Moisture Facial Cream that provides both immediate and long-term hydration to the skin, perfect for long-haul flights that always seem to wreak havoc with the skin. Finally, it contains It’s Potent! Eye Cream that helps fade dark circles and help smooth fine lines. The products come in the perfect travel sizes so they are perfect to bring in your hand luggage on your flight to make sure your skin stays in top condition. The products smell absolutely amazing and come in the cutest small retro-style bottles and jars, all packaged in a clear sip-cosmetic case – Simply all you need for radiant skin on your holiday!

RRP: $24 – Available from Myer


MediK8 Beta Cleanser*

My skin has always been prone to breakouts, and I know from experience that it can be difficult to keep up a good skincare routine when you’re on holidays, doing weekly face masks etc., so a good cleanser is absolutely vital in keeping my skin clean and clear. And the Medik8 betaCleanse™ is absolutely perfect to use as the second cleanse at night, to give the skin a deep cleanse, as it both cleanses deep down every pore, is antibacterial and gently exfoliating the skin at the same time. The cleanser contains beta hydroxy acid-salicylic acid with a novel niacinamide, tea tree oil and chlorhexidine gluconate blend to help improve the appearance of problematic skin, whilst helping prevent future breakouts, and all while being extremely gently on the skin and not stripping the skin of its natural oils. The liquid turns into a soft and light foam when you pump it out, and after massaging it into my skin, I like to leave it on the skin while I brush my teeth for a deeper clean before rinsing it off. It comes in a handy 40ml pump bottle so it is perfect for travelling.

RRP $13.90 (40ml) – Available from Advanced Cosmeceuticals or call 1800 242 011 to enquire

Gillette Venus Snap with Embrace*



Being away for a few weeks of course I cannot neglect shaving, and this funky travel-sided shaver from Gillette is both ever so cute and absolutely perfect. This new razor has a very compact mini-handle, while still featuring the best Gillette Venus 5-blade you’ve become accustomed to, which is surrounded by a ribbon of moisture to keep your skin soft and smooth. And while the handle is so small, you still get the perfect grip. And what’s better is that it comes in a nifty little compact container so you can just pop it into your bag (suitcase that is, as they don’t allow shaving blades in carry-on luggage!) so you can continue to have super smooth skin while on holidays. And you don’t have to buy special blades as the mini-handle is interchangeable with the standard Venus Embrace blade refills.

RRP: $15.95 – Available from Priceline, from Rouge Mag Online and from November also from select pharmacies and supermarkets 

Skindinavia Makeup Primer and Finishing Sprays*


It doesn’t matter how good a foundation you use, a good primer is always vital for a flawless finish. And the new travel sized Makeup Primer Sprays from Skindinavia are absolutely brilliant for travelling. The small 20 ml bottles come in two varieties, the No More Shine Makeup Finish is an oil-controlling makeup setting spray that helps my makeup stay put in the periods when it is greasy and nothing stays put past lunchtime, as it helps controls shine and absorbs oil over the face and t-zone and thus preventing the makeup from slipping. The finishing spray is a superfine mist that helps set the foundation quickly, and it helps prevent your foundation from fading or settling into fine lines. A quick spray during the day is perfect for refreshing the makeup.

RRP: $14 (20ml) each – Available from Skindinavia

bhave Rescue Shampoo and Conditioner and Riot Control Oil*



You are probably getting fed up with me raving about these products (you can see my review on the Rescue shampoo and conditioner here and the Riot Control Oil here) from bhave, but regardless how many other fantastic hair products I use, it is like my hair is ‘at home’ with these, simply behaving better, and looking and feeling so much nicer and healthier, and it is like it is getting heathier and healthier for each day I use the products. My hair is easier to comb and knots less, so I feel I damage it less when I comb it. And the Riot Control Oil not only controls my flyaway hairs and smooths it down, but it also makes the dry ends look stronger and healthier while giving my hair an amazing lustre and shine. 

RRP: Products above from a travel set, but full sized products available individualy; Shampoo and Conditioner, each $43.95 (300ml), Riot Control $48.95 (100ml) - Available from Select Salons

Lady Jayne Tangleze*


And of course you cannot neglect your hair. I have long thick hair and always carry around a hairbrush, which is usually quite bulky. But thanks to the new Tangleze from Lady Jayne that is a thing of the past. You see, the hairbrush fits into the palm of your hand, and it has a clever cover so you can protect the bristles from getting bent and damaged in an already overfilled handbag.

The Tangleze is surprisingly good on long hair, as it has dual-length bristles that quickly and easily, and very gently brushes the hair, and clears any tangles you might have, and in both wet and dry hair. All without the need to pull or drag at the hair, which is so much better for the hair, preventing damage and split ends. And the hairbrush is superlight (leaving room for another couple of lipsticks, guilty, you can never have too many lippies in your handbag, LOL), and it comes in a super cute and girlie black and hot pink colour combination.

 RR: $12.95 – Available from Priceline, and select pharmacies and variety stores


Philips VisaPure Facial Cleansing Brush*

I have previously reviewed (you can see my review here) this facial cleansing brush, and while I have to be honest and admit that I have a few different I rotate, this one was my preferred choice to take away. Now, I wouldn’t normally take it with me on short breaks, but going away for a month, I simply feared my skin would start breaking out so much that I knew it had to make the trip too. So the reason I picked the VisaPure is that its design is a lot slimmer than other brushes. The brush is both rotating and rotating cleansing deep down every pore, while still being so gentle that it can be used twice a day. And as a bonus it is also waterproof so it can also be used in the shower.

RRP: $199 – Available from Myer and The Shaver Shop

Philips DiamondClean Black Edition Toothbrush*


As fittingly named, this toothbrush has been called the James Bond of toothbrushes! With its sleek matte black and chrome finish, it is simply the coolest and most stylish electric toothbrush I have ever seen. The toothbrush has a digital display that illuminates showing the five brush settings from Clean, White, Gum Care, Sensitive, and Polish. It is so high tech that it has been clinically proven to remove up to 100% of plaque from hard-to-reach places compared to a manual toothbrush, and to improve gum health in only two weeks.
It is also clinically proven to whiten teeth in one week. WOW, that is impressive.

And when on holidays I know that I tend to eat a little naughtier than I otherwise do, a few more ice creams, a little more dessert, and of course, being in Denmark I cannot go past an authentic Danish Pastry. So this toothbrush was an absolute must in my suitcase to ensure my teeth stayed clean and healthy. And what’s even better is that the toothbrush comes with a cool black travel case with funky lime-green lining, and the case also doubles as a USB charger so you can charge it directly from your laptop. Nothing short of brilliant. 
RRP: $299.95 – Available from The Shaver Shop, Harvey Norman, Myer, David Jones and selected national retailers

Mary Kay Thinking of You Pendant Perfume*


I have also previously reviewed this pendant perfume from Mary Kay (see my review here), and as I mentioned at the time, it is perfect for taking with you for adding a little fragrance during the day. And also doubling as a necklace, it was the perfect travel companion too. It has a lovely fruity scent and has a pretty good staying power, plus it looks stunning too, for both day and nighttime wear.

Available from Mary Kay

*Product was kindly provided for consideration, and has reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.
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  1. The Benefit set seems perfect for travelling! I actually never realised it was that affordable, I always thought that something from Benefit would be much more expensive.

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. I love the Philips VisaPure - its one of my skincare essentials!

    Josie xoxo | Fashion Mumblr

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  4. I love the little Benefit bottles! So cute!


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