29 October 2014


Yesterday afternoon the October Violet Box arrived on my door step, I know it isn’t early, but it feels like it as I have only just posted about last month’s box, which I know I did rather late due to being in Europe for a month. Anyway, thought that I’d try to get back on track by posting about this month’s box immediately, so here are my thoughts on the *October edition of the Violet Box;

What They Say:

Violet Box brands promises to every month include 4-6 premium beauty and lifestyle samples from well-known and trusted Australian beauty brands as well as exciting new International brands, one in particular is a revolutionary product currently trending in New York and has been featured in Vogue and on the Today Show!

RRP: You can subscribe to Violet Box for:

1 month – $22.95
3 months - $66.00
6 months - $130
12 months - $250

- Available from Violet Box

What I Say:

As last month, this month’s box arrived in a the new box design with the lose slide lid, and this is what was included in this month’s box:

Wotnot Facial Wipes for Oily/Sensitive Skin – Travel Pack (RRP $1.95/5 wipes)

Let me start by saying that I do like these facial wipes from Wotnot, but at the same time that it is very rare for me to use facial wipes. I simply prefer to use a facial cleanser and splash water in my face, so I only use them when I am travelling, or to remove makeup from my hand when I am swatching products for the blog. So that said, I am naturally not that excited about receiving these. Also because I feel that it is a repeat product. They have been included in countless boxes previously, so no surprise there either.

PHR Professional Haircare Recovery Leave-in Moisturiser – Sample, 15ml (RRP $39.95/125ml)

With long hair I use a lot of leave in moisturisers to keep my hair healthy, so I am excited about trialling a new one, and even more so from a brand that I have never heard of before. It contains a blend of natural ingredients including jojoba seed oil and keratin designed to seal in hydration in the hair. Sounds pretty good to me. Having said that, I am over sachet samples. You only get sufficient product for one or two goes, so hardly enough to form an opinion, and besides I find them so messy. So not really impressed.

Haughty Cosmetics Perfect Finish Lipgloss – Full Size (RRP $23/2.3g)


Another brand that I have never heard of before so that is exciting. I got the colour Pull it Together, which is a dark red shade. It is a quite lovely and it does feel nice on the lips. I also like that it is paraben free, and that 50% of the proceeds from the purchase goes towards preventing domestic violence (in the US, I assume, as that is where the lipstick is made!), so that is a nice touch too.

Designer Brands Eternal Colour Lipstick – Full Size (RRP $9.99)

I have previously heard of Designer Brands but not had the opportunity to trial the products. They are a budget friendly brand available from Priceline. I got the shade Rose Brown, which as the name suggests is a brownish rose shade which is very wearable, and actually the sort of colour that I often reach for..

Designer Brands Lip Pencil – Full Size (RRP $4.99)


I got the lip pencil in the shade Fuchsia Rose, which in itself is a good shade too, only problem is that I am very rarely using lip liners (I know, I should!), so I don’t really know what to do with this one!

Eslor Introductory Collection – Samples x 4 at 5ml each

I have heard of Eslor before but never tried any of their products, so I am excited to be able to. The four samples include Soothing Refiner & Cleanser, Botanical Peeling Gel, Chlorophyll Lifting Mask and Firming Collagen Day Cream.
The full sized products retail at between $36.95 and $85 so it is not a cheap brand, but still I have to say that I would much have preferred one product in a decent sized sample than all these smaller samples, as again, as mentioned above, I am over sachet samples.

So there you have it, the contents in this month’s Violet Box. So what is my verdict…. Blah!! Yeah, sadly I am not really impressed with the contents in this month’s box. Yes, it contains three full sized products, the lip gloss, lip stick and lip liner, but with two of these being from a budget brand, sadly it doesn’t blow me away. While most of the things won’t go astray, it is really only the Haughty Lipgloss that I am excited about, and the cost of that really only just covers the cost of the box, so not a huge bonus for me this month. Violet Box have delivered some amazing boxes in the past, and I have my fingers crossed that next month’s will be back on track again..

*Product was kindly provided for consideration, and has reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

What do you think of the products of this month’s Violet Box? Did you get this months’ box too? What did you think? And if not, would you consider subscribing? Or unsubscribing…?

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  1. I feel like violet box is always disappointing! Im the same thing with makeup wipes as well, I like to cleanse it off with water but if i had to choose i think wotnot ones are best ive tried so far :D

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