16 July 2017


As a parent, I love seeing my boys entertained with great toys, but what I love even more, is when their toys are educational at the same time, and one of those brands who is on the forefront of this, is Vtech. Today my 4 year old boy is putting the new Vtech My Zone Laptop to the test. 

The Vtech My Zone Laptop is intended for Preschoolers, aged from 3 to 6 years, and in essence helping kids 'get into the zone' and prepare themselves for getting ready to go to school.

The My Zone Laptop offers 30 interactive activities with progressive learning levels that teach a variety of subjects that gradually increase in difficulty, so they are continuously challenged. Kids can customise their laptop with their name, age, avatar, and favourite tunes, and it among others has the following features:
  • 8 Letter & Word activities teach children to spell their name and explore letters and words. 
  • 8 Number & Shape activities teach children how to count their age and explore shapes and numbers. 
  • 4 Logic activities strengthen problem-solving skills through puzzle and logic games. 
  • 5 Animal & Food activities identify animal sounds and footprints and categorise foods into fruits and vegetables. 
  • 4 Music activities explore musical instrument sounds and enjoy popular melodies played in Rock, Jazz, Reggae & Country styles with a total of 40 tunes. 

This means that this cool little laptop will prompt kids learning;
  • Basic math skills by learning to recognise numbers and shapes, develop basic counting and skip counting skills 
  • Language development by introducing upper and lowercase letters, letter sounds and words 
  • Science concepts by learning which foods are fruits and which are vegetables 
  • Auditory stimulation by learning to recognise the sounds of instruments and melodies 
  • Visualisation and memory by developing logic and problem-solving skills through puzzles and games 

My boy loved that he has his own little laptop, and I think the fact that it actually looks very similar to an 'adult' laptop, with 'in-built mouse pad' and it doesn't appear as 'plastic and kiddie' also has a great significance, making him feel like a big boy. He has spent hours and hours playing on it, continually discovering new things it can do, and he is teaching himself to do - which is the part that I really love, as he really doesn't realise that he is learning so many things through play. The laptop is light and compact, so it is also easy to take with you when you're out and about. 

Considering all the electronic features in this little laptop, I find that the low price of $34.95 is an absolute bargain, and the fact that it is aimed at kids aged from 3-6 years, and that it is so well thought out that it will keep challenging him to learn, also means that he will enjoy playing with it for several years. Highly recommended.

Vtech My Zone Laptop - RRP $34.95
Available from Target, Myer, Independent toy stores, and select online retailers.

For further information visit VTech Online

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