9 July 2017


Hot Wheels, every little and also BIG boys fantasy. From the bright orange track to the endless possibilities of what you can do for hours upon hours of fun for little thrill seekers. My two little boys and their big boy daddy have been busily setting up tracks and using the new Ultimate Garage and the Track Builder Systems as the base from where it all happens. This was a project all three boys in the house took on to try and build the most epic track of the century, and luckily for us we had the room to accommodate this large and ever evolving structure...

Here's some of the new Hot Wheels products we used for our epic race experience.. 

The Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage is a huge play set that has a massive 36 parking spaces, and heaps of other places to park your Hot Wheels car collection. The cars can go on countless adventures from here in 8 different play zones, from a trip down the spiralling ramp and around the bay, trying to avoid the hungry attacking shark, go up one of the two working elevators, and then race side-by-side down the ramp to see who's the winner. The cars can also go to the car wash, fill up with petrol, or go grab a burger. And what makes this cool play set even more fun, is that it has lots of lights and sounds that sound very realistic too. It also comes with 5 cool Hot Wheel Cars and a car-grabbing helicopter that can land on the helipad. 

The Hot Wheels Roto Revolution is for 1 or 2 players, where you can challenge each other, by launching the car with the adjustable power boosters into the rotating motorised loop and hold your breath hoping it wont crash in any of the crash zones, either on the track, on the ground or in the air. The game takes a little skill, knowing when exactly to launch the car without immediately crashing, and the last car still standing without a crash, wins. The set also has parking areas for the cars, and comes with two cool Hot Wheel Cars. 

Then there's the Hot Wheels Track Builder System. The Construction Crash Kit comes with over 40 pieces including tracks and Mega Construx ('lego style' blocks) to help build up the track and fly off as the cars crash into the brick panels and see the bricks fly off. 

The clever box allows almost endless tracks and configurations to be built including lane ways, towers and loops, with easy to follow instruction manuals. You can even build up the track using the cardboard box the kit comes in, so clever. As well as tracks, and bricks, the kit also comes with a launcher, multiple crash levers and connectors, and 2 cool Hot Wheels cars. 

Alternatively there's the Hot Wheels Track Builder System - Stunt Box, which is a cool little 'suit case' full of tracks, blocks and parts, that you again can use to keep your imagination run wild as you build an endless tracks. It includes tracks, loops, ramps, launcher, connectors and track turns, and also a cool Hot Wheel Car. And what's even more cool about this set, is that you can use the actual box to build up your track, and when you're done, it can be used as clever storage. 

Finally, there's of course the Hot Wheels Cars. As well as the cars included with the play sets, you can also purchase them individually, and let me tell you, there are so many different ones available, and with new ones launched all the time, that your kids will want to keep collecting. 

In addition, we also used some cars and other Hot Wheels play sets my boys already had, but common for all, is that these Hot Wheels toys seriously are incredible. My boys, 
both the four and two year old (and daddy too!!) are having the best time placing the cars at the top of the ramps and letting them fly down the tracks, going through the loops and crash, all while competing who has the fastest cars and can do the best tricks. I also love the fact that my little boys can use their imagination and creativity and continue experimenting building and creating new tracks and scenes, which they can use for role play, which so far among others have included police car chases after the bad guys, firemen going to put out the fire, or going to get the family take-away for dinner. 

I also love that you can continue to build and add on to the Hot Wheels sets with new kits and tracks as everything is built to work together. And for a little extra fun, the kids can also incorporate house hold items or furniture for extra steep ramps etc for even more cool stunts. And as the options are endless, all depending on their creativity and imagination, it also means that they will continue to play with these toys for years to come, which in my opinion makes then great value toys too. 

The Hot Wheels Toys are recommended for kids aged 5+, and note that this kit comes with small parts, so it is not recommended for kids under 3 years of age.

Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage - RRP: $139.99
Hot Wheels Roto Revolution - RRP: $39.99
Hot Wheels Track Builder System - Construction Crash Kit - RRP: $39.99
Hot Wheels Track Builder System - Stunt Box - RRP: $29.99
Hot wheels Individual Cars - RRP: $2.29

Available from leading toy stores, including Toys r Us, Myer, David Jones, Target, Kmart, and Big W - and many are currently available at great prices during the July Toy Sales. 

*Note, products have been kindly provided and this is a sponsored post - but the above opinion and statements are in no affected by this, and we've truly loved playing with these toys. The products have been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

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