7 January 2016


The weather is heating up, at long last, but sadly it brings with it a myriad of insects, which are frustrating enough for us adults to deal with, but certainly not ideal for little bubbas.

To help protect little ones from bugs including mozzies, bees and spiders, DreamBaby has designed a range of products which includes a Stroller & Play-Yard Insect Netting and a Carrier Insect Netting. These nets are white and while protecting your baby, also allows him to still have a view of the world.

The DreamBaby Stroller & Play-Yard Insect Netting is as the name suggests suitable for use on both a stroller as well as on top of a basinette or ports-cot. It is simply so large and has elasticised edges so it can fit across so many different products. RRP: $14.95

The DreamBaby Carrier Insect Netting has been designed to fit a baby carrier/capsule, so your can remain safe from bites. RRP: $12.95

And what's better is that you can actually get a Value Pack that contains both a Stroller & Play-Yard Insect Netting and a Carrier Insect Netting, for just $19.95

So whether you're out for a walk or your little one or he is playing outside in the playpen, or even asleep in the basinette in his room, these insect nets from DreamBaby will give you peace of mind that your baby is always protected from nasty insect bites. An absolute must have this spring and summer.

The DreamBaby products are available from all major baby retail stores, or for more information, visit
DreamBaby online the Dreambaby Facebook page

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