20 January 2016


Today on the blog I’d like to put focus on the baby care products from Johnson’s. 

Johnson's baby Bedtime Bath and Bedtime Lotion

This bath gel and moisturising lotion has been specifically been designed to use at night time. It contains a something Johnson’s calls ‘Naturalcalm’ essences, which is a unique blend of gentle ingredients and soothing aromas, including soothing lavender which is said to have been clinically proven to help calm your bay and make then sleep better.

I’ve been using the products on my toddler for quite a while, and have to admit that I’ve not noticed that he sleeps any better when we’ve used it in his nightly bath, but in saying that, he is a pretty good sleeper as it is. However, we’ve continued to use the products as they have such a lovely pleasant calming lavender scent that is gentle without being too overpowering.
Both the Bath Gel and the Moisturising Lotion are very gentle, and my little boy loves that the bath gel gives him lots of bubbles to play with in the bath, which I love that it gently cleanses his skin without drying it out. As for the Moisturising Lotion, it absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave behind any greasy residue. RRP: $5.49 (200ml) each

Johnson's Baby Bath

According to the bottle, this Baby Bath is ‘as gentle to the skin as pure water’ which is what any mum wants to hear about the products used on her babies. The soap-free formula, has a tear-free formula that won’t irritate eyes, and will give your little one lots of soft bubbles to play with in the bath, all while gently cleansing the skin, without drying it out of irritating it. It has a very pleasant and gentle powdery scent. RRP: $5.49 (200ml) each 

Johnson’s Baby Top-To-Toe

This is another tear-free soap that again is claimed to be as ‘gentle as water on the skin’, so it is even suitable for use on a newborns sensitive skin. It has a lovely mild scent that is gentle and perfect for a baby. I also love that it is an all-in-one product that can be used both as a body wash and a shampoo, and combined with the convenient pump that comes with the large bottle, makes it so much easier and quicker to use at bath time. It gently cleanses skin and hair without drying it out, and irritating, and the soap also makes soft bubbles in the bath, so it truly is a multi-tasking product. RRP: $8.59 (500ml)

Johnson's Baby Cleansing Wipes


We’ve never had any issues using baby wipes on our 2.5 year old’s bum, but for some reason they irritated our little newborn, so we’ve had to resort to using cotton balls and water only, and in no time his irritated skin cleared up. Unfortunately that is a little cumbersome when you’re out and about, and that’s where I love the fact that these Baby Cleansing Wipes are water-based, and again, as ‘mild on the skin as pure water’. This also means that the wipes are also ideal for use on messy hands, faces, which most other baby wipes are not. So the thick and big wipes are also perfect to keep in the car and in the nappy bag to deal with any messy situation from dirty bottoms to grotty fingers and faces. RRP: $4.49 (80 wipes)

Johnson's baby Oil

This baby oil has designed to soothe and condition the skin and it is perfect to use for baby massages. The oil is very concentrated so just a few drops is all that is needed, and afterwards your baby’s skin is left soft and moisturised, yet without any greasiness. My boys don’t normally suffer from dry skin, but as most others, their skin does tend to become drier during winter – and that’s when I like to add just a few drops to the bath water, and it instantly leaves the skin super soft – so it is also perfect when you’ve got an older toddler who no longer wants to sit still while you moisturise his body! The baby oil is also doubles as the perfect eye makeup remover. It is not only cheap, but it also quickly and easily removes even long-wearing waterproof eye makeup, including mascara! RRP: $5.49 (200ml)

Johnson's baby Lotion


This is a good basic baby moisturiser, that is not only gentle so it is perfect for sensitive skin but also very effective at keeping the baby’s skin soft and moisturised, without making it feel sticky or greasy – for up to 24 hours!! And of course it is just as suitable for use by adults too, also because as with the rest of the Johnson’s baby products, this baby Lotion has a very gentle scent that quickly fades once the cream has absorbed into the skin. RRP: $5.49 (200ml)

Johnson's baby Powder

I’ve been using baby powder on my 2.5 year old boy after most nappy changes, as it helps absorb any moisture from the nappy area and hence help protect against any nappy rash or irritations. The powder is very gentle and has a soft gentle powdery scent, and a little goes a very long way, so while it may not look much in the bottle it will last you a very long time. It is also perfect to use in the skin folds of a young baby, again to avoid any skin irritations caused by excess moisture. And I also know of several adults that frequently use this powder, to not only absorb any moisture and sweat from the body, hands and feet, to prevent and soothe chaffing, or as a volume powder for the hair!! RRP: $2.79 (200g)

So there you go, a selection of Johnson’s baby care products, which are all great products available at bargain prices. On the negative side, I do wish that the products would be free from artificial fragrances, and that they would be free from harsh chemicals. I had to pick my favourite products of the bunch, it would no doubt have to be the Bedtime Bath and Bedtime Lotion, the Baby Bath and the Baby Cleansing Wipes!

All the Johnson’s Baby products are available from Priceline, supermarkets, variety stores and pharmacies. 

Have you ever used any of the Johnson’s Baby products? Any favourites?

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