10 December 2014


It has been a little while now since I have enlisted the help of our boy, Oliver to do a product review, but as he has had a few new toys for testing, it is time to get down to business again. Today we’re talking about the AlphaPup from Leapfrog. 


We have two large dogs, Labradors and Oliver loves his dogs to bits. And they love him back. They simply follow him everywhere, always close by, and it is so cute to see how they are so concerned when he falls over. It is like he has two reserve-mums. 

So giving Oliver his very own puppy, the AlphaPup to take for walks was the best thing ever. He simply loved it from the start, caressing its soft ears, and having fun making the long tail wobble. 

The AlphaPup has a ‘lead’ and a handle, shaped like a dog bone, but it took a little bit before he realised how to use it, and he simply started by carrying the Pup around by its tail. Looked so cute.

But suddenly he got it, and then he w
as off with the Pup, up and down our very long hallway, and back again! 

On that, I’d like to mention here that I feel that the ‘lead’ is a touch too short, - Oliver is still only little, and yet, the lead and handle is only just long enough, so either the string should have been longer (and I realise that it probably isn’t, due to it otherwise being a choking hazard), or alternatively the handle should have been a little longer. 


The actual dog is very colourful, and has buttons with the alphabet down each side of its back, and when you push a button, it sings and makes sounds introducing each letter and says words that starts with that letter. For instance, if you push ‘A’, it says, ‘Apple – I love apples’, or ‘E’ – and then it makes the sound of an elephant and follows by saying that elephants have a funny bark.

There is also a button with a music symbol on it, and it has varying phases such as ‘Let’s play together' or 'take me for a walk’.

And what is really cute is that if you leave it for a moment, it will suddenly sneeze to get attention or say ‘can I sit on your lap’ or ‘Vov vov, will you pat my head’. Definitely a very demanding little Pup.

When you walk the Pup, it sings the alphabet, stopping as soon as you stop walking, and then it says ‘let’s keep walking’.

It is very cute and funny that it does this, and it makes so much more fun and interactive for little ones, as it encourages them to keep playing and learning with the Pup.

The AlphaPup is recommended for 12 to 36 month olds, and I find that Oliver was the perfect age for it when it got it at 16 months. He walks well now, and can now concentrate on doing other things as he is walking. But it will still keep entertaining him for months and months to come as he starts learning and familiarising himself with the alphabet and remembering more and more words.

So if you have a toddler, we highly recommend the AlphaPup, it is a very educational toy, with that will provide hours upon hours of entertainment – although for Oliver it will never quite replace his real doggies.

RRP: $34.99ea – Available from Major Retailers, Target, Toys R Us, and independent toy stores.

*Product was kindly provided for consideration, and has reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

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