26 December 2014


Today I’d like to share with you a new review on behalf of Beauty Directory, Chi Chi Super BB Cream;


What They Say:

Chi Chi's Super Moisturising, Multi Benefit, Anti Ageing BB Cream contains more than 14 Essential Skin Conditioning Agents which guarantee that your skin will look radiant with a natural, healthy looking glow. Formulated with the powerful active ingredient Collguard (anti wrinkle Collagen) and Caviar Extract (highly antioxidant, super moisturising and soothing) your skin will be enriched with a wealth of vitamins and minerals to reduce the signs of ageing as well as Botanical Actives and Hyaluronic Acid microspheres for plumping and optimal looking skin. This two in one "make-up meets skincare" tinted cream formula with SPF 30 may be worn as a "light foundation with benefits" or as a primer to help conceal blemishes, uneven colouring, fine lines, scarring and other imperfections. It will let your skin breathe whilst radiating a healthy lustre. The coverage is build-able and will not cake on the skin.

RRP: $22.95 (50g) – Available from Priceline and Chi Chi Cosmetics Online

What I Say:
I have to be completely honest and admit that while I by now have tried a fair few different BB Creams, it has only been a very few of them that I have really really liked. I have combination skin, prone to breakouts, and increasing pigmentation and scarring from past acne, and generally I find that BB Creams – even those intended for combination-oily skin types, simply won’t stay put on my skin past lunch time, and also basically don’t offer sufficient coverage for my liking!

So I was naturally very interested in seeing how the Chi Chi Super BB Cream performed. Firstly because this is actually the very first Chi Chi makeup product that I have ever tried, and secondly because it claims to be a ‘super cream’. According to the claims, is not just make-up, it is also skincare with anti-ageing benefits.

And being at the age where anti-ageing products is what I reach for, I do like that it cares for the skin while I wear it, although after wearing if for several days, I was yet to notice any difference in the condition of my skin. I also love that it contains SPF30 to protect my skin for the sun’s harmful rays.

So what did I think of the Chi Chi Super BB Cream? For a start, it does give the skin a better coverage than most other BB Creams that I’ve tried, but again, I certainly don’t mind that, and I like too that you can build up the coverage slightly too with an additional layer if required. In saying that, while it does even out the skin tone and cover minor marks, blemishes and pigmentation, it doesn’t cover larger marks or clusters of pigmentation, but then again, I don’t really think any BB cream would! And again, I still feel that I need to use a concealer to hide those bags under the eyes, blemishes etc. But overall it does give my skin a more even skin tone, with a beautiful, dewy look and a nice glow.

It is easy to apply evenly to the skin, both with the fingers and with a foundation brush, and thanks to the pump tube it is easy to dispense just the amount you need.

The actual cream is quite light, and feels quite moisturising on the skin, and consequently, it also gives the skin a nice sheen – which sadly does turn into an oily look after just a few hours. However, I found that using a primer first, and setting it with a powder afterwards, I could prolong the wear till the early afternoon, but then a new powdering is definitely needed. And that is on a comfortable day in Melbourne, so I’d hate to think how it would perform on one of those very hot and humid days!

The Super BB cream has a lovely floral scent that I actually quite like, although it is quite strong, so possibly a little too much for some.

The Chi Chi Super BB comes in a stylish black pump tube, and is very well priced at just $22.95, also seeing it is a rather large tube with 50ml, compared to the usual size of foundations/BB creams which is usually around the 30ml.

Overall I am impressed by this BB Cream from Chi Chi. I have always thought of Chi Chi as a budget brand, with the quality of their products to suit, but I am happy to admit that I was wrong. Very wrong. This BB Cream is of a very high quality, in fact it is up there with others I have tried at twice the money. I like that I gives my skin better coverage than most other BB Creams, and it gives my skin a nice even skin tone with a healthy glow. It is super moisturising on the skin, which unfortunately is not ideal for my skin, especially not during summer when it always get even oilier, so I did find that it didn’t say put on my skin as long as it really should – but I can only imagine that it will be absolutely perfect come the cooler months – or of course if you have a normal or dry skin type. It definitely won’t be my last Chi Chi product!

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  1. Thanks for your honest review. I haven't tried any Chi Chi products at all, but am quite keen. My skin is oily however, so I prefer fuller coverage (and mattifying) foundations over BB Creams. :)


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