23 December 2014


Just over a week ago I was lucky to be invited to see the inaugural Xmas Pantomime at the Chadstone Shopping Centre along with my little 18 month old boy.


The Chadstone Pantomime is an annual tradition, and this year it is about a young boy called Charlie and his teddy bear Chad as they discover magic and music on the night before Christmas.

You are introduced to the Christmas fairy, and you can sing along to all the familiar Xmas songs along with a candy cane ladies, reindeer's and toy soldiers.

The Pantomime is played out below the interactive Christmas, and is suitable for the whole family, but in particularly children aged three to twelve, although my little 18 month old boy was also thoroughly enjoying the charming tale, constantly staring at the action at the stage, and the bright and colourful costumes, while he was dancing to the tune of the cheerful music. He had so much fun that I will definitely make sure to go next year when he is just that little bit older and will understand what the whole story is about!

The Christmas tree is interactive as when the Pantomime is not on, children can use their own energy by using the special floor pads to dance the tree to life and turn on the red lights of the Christmas Tree.

After the show, which runs for around 20minutes (which is perfect for little ones), you get the opportunity to meet and greet and get your photo taken with the performers. I got a photo taken of my little boy with the cute reindeers, but unfortunately by then, my little boy was so overtired (and hot from sitting in the sun!), that it unfortunately was impossible to get even the smallest of smiles on his face.

The Chadstone Xmas Pantomime is such a great event that is sure to bring you into the Xmas spirit. It is showing almost daily in the lead up to Xmas, on the square in front of David Jones at the Lower Level, and you can book your tickets

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