23 January 2014

Product Review: Royal Moroccan Hair Mask Treatment

I love summer. I love being outside and feeling the sun kiss my cheeks. But sadly my hair is not always enjoying it, as my hair – in spite of not swimming in pools of going to the beach (which is sadly not ideal with a 7 month old baby!) always seems to get drier and more frizzy, and even though I always look after my hair with frequent trims and treatments. Here are my thoughts on the Royal Moroccan Hair Mask Treatment;

What They Say:
"An intensive hair repair for damaged and coloured hair. Designed to combat the stresses that can leave your hair dry and brittle and your scalp irritated and itchy, the Royal Moroccan Hair Mask Treatment contains both Argan Oil and Keratin to soothe and repair. As well as nourishing follicle and scalp it protects your colour leaving your hair vibrant and touchably soft."

RRP: $29.95 (250ml) – Available from Priceline or Royal Moroccan Online 

What I Say:
Having previously trialled the Royal Moroccan Serum Treatment, which I really like, I was excited to be trialling the Hair Mask Treatment as well. My one negative about the Serum Treatment was that there was no pump to make it easier to dispense, and Royal Moroccan kindly responded to my post that a pump applicator would be added in the near future, so it is fantastic to see that this is a company that listens and takes on board any criticism as well.

This Hair Mask Treatment from Royal Moroccan is a thick creamy mask, that you would think would be difficult to spread through the hair, but surprisingly once rubbed into the hands, it softens up and is so easy to massage into the hair. And because it is so thick, it is also extremely concentrated so only a little is needed.

With a baby and no longer having as much time on my hands, I like that this hair treatment works in just 5-7minutes – and yet, the results are there. I never get around to using all those hair treatments that need to work for 20-30 minutes as I simply don’t have that sort of time on my hands anymore – and if I do use them, I rinse them out after a few minutes, and no doubt don’t get the full benefit from the product and hence somewhat wasting both the product and my money. The treatments that work in the 5 or so minutes on the other hand, are a different story, as that is about the time it takes me to use the body scrub in the shower, and followed by a quick clean of the shower before the treatment needs to be rinsed out – two birds with one stone! Me like!

Sometimes thick hair treatments are difficult to rinse out and it is as if residue remains in the hair weighing it down, but this treatment from Royal Moroccan is fairly easy and quick to rinse out.
After each use my hair less tangled after it has been washed, and consequently it is so much easier to comb out, and therefore I am not putting as much stress on my hair tugging and pulling it.

I mostly let me hair dry naturally, and once dry, it is noticeably feeling a lot silkier, and the dry ends look so much healthier and the frizz has reduced. And after using the hair treatment weekly, I can really tell the difference. My hair simply looks and feels so much healthier.

At just $29.95 this is well priced for such a large tub, also considering how high quality the treatment is and how concentrated it is. It has a nice subtle floral scent, which lingers behind, even after the hair is dry, but as this is a lovely scent, I find it quite nice.

The hair treatment comes in a large plastic tub with the gorgeous red label and a silver screw lid, and the packaging looks nice and modern. Sadly my only negative about this hair treatment is the fact that it comes in a tub, as I find it a little cumbersome and difficult to unscrew the lid in the shower with wet hands, as well as I always find that water gets into the treatment diluting it. I would much prefer it came in a simple tube with a screw lid.

What I Like:
  • Concentrated and efficient
  • Easy to rinse out
  • Leaves hair soft and healthy looking
  • Nice packaging and lovely scent
  • Well priced

What I Don’t Like:
  • That it comes in a tub, I would prefer if it came in a tube

Overall, I really enjoy using this Hair Treatment as I can feel that a weekly treatment does wonders to my hair, it is simply looking and feeling so much healthier, that I highly recommend this Hair Mask Treatment from Royal Moroccan.
*This product was kindly provided for consideration, and has been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

Have you ever tried any of the products from Royal Moroccan? How often do you give your hair a treatment mask? Any recommendations?



  1. I can't remember when I last used a hair mask and you're right in Summer my hair seems to get more of a beating. I like that this one doesn't need to stay on too long, makes it much easier to use it more frequently.

    1. Agree, I am definitely more likely to use a hair mask if it only needs to stay in for a short period. I've also been a little slack, but realise how my hair thrives with a weekly treatment, so I'm trying hard to keep it up!

  2. You can find both the mask and the serum in a pack at kmart for $25...such good value and I love the products, they make my hair feel smooth and soft and I have thick curly hair so its great!


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