9 October 2013

Industry News: Win $1 million with Bio Oil‏

Who doesn’t love Bio Oil - The miracle multi-tasking oil that helps with skin elasticity, texture, tone and hydration, and not to mention help reduced the appearance of scarring.

But did you know that Bio-Oil is the No. 1 selling skincare product in Australia and that it sells more than one million bottles a year? That clearly proves that the golden drops really are amazing and have a lot of fans!
And to celebrate Bio-Oil is offering new and existing users the chance to win a whopping $1 million. Yes, you did read right $1 million. Just imagine…

To take part simply purchase any Bio-Oil product and enter online via the Bio-Oil Facebook page between 01 October – 12 November 2013.

One lucky winner will be chosen to participate in the Bio-Oil Major Prize Draw Game and given the opportunity to draw a prize envelope from a barrel containing 500 prize envelopes. The major prize is $1 million!

I don’t know about you, but I’m off to get at least one bottle..
Good luck everyone!

What would you do if you won $1 million??


1 comment

  1. cant believe bio-oil is giving away $1million. Thats crazyyyy! The first thing I'd do is book a holiday and buy everything on my beauty wishlist (that is on my trip to america) haha :)

    ♥ Monica



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