14 October 2013

Event: Vogue High Tea at the Langham, Melbourne

Can you believe it, but I have lived in London for several years, yet I have never actually been to High Tea! I have heard a lot about it, and always wanted to go, but somehow never gotten around to it.

In preparation for the Spring Racing, one of the finest hotels in Melbourne, the Langham is inviting you to start the season in style with a Vogue High Tea.


Guests of the Vogue High Tea can indulge with a flute of Domaine Chandon NV Brut on arrival with Classic Tiffin Tea dishes and desserts that showcase the vibrant colours of Spring Summer 13/14 fashion, including very vanilla cupcakes, chocolate macarons, fluffy scones and ribbon sandwiches..

The Langham Melbourne Vogue High Tea will be taking place at the ARIA Bar & Lounge at the Langham located on Southbank Promenade on week days from Monday, 21 October – Friday, 8 November 2013 from 10.30am – 4.30pm

The High Tea costs $65 per person, and Vogue High-Tea’ers will take home the latest issue of Vogue Australia, with front row fashion and make-up tips.

I am already booked in to go on the Friday before the long Cup weekend in Melbourne – well it is not actually a long weekend seeing it’s the Tuesday that is the Cup day and day off, but most Melbournians do take the opportunity to make it an extra-long weekend also taking the Monday off too…… and I cannot wait, both for the long weekend, but also finally to get to experience a High Tea – and I know its probably not very lady-like, but I plan to indulge so much that it will more than likely be both my lunch and dinner in one...but I will make sure to let you all know how I go...

Have you ever been to High Tea? And if you are in Melbourne will you going to this Vogue High Tea at the Langham?



  1. I've been to High Tea at the Langham before, and it was gorgeous! xx

    1. That sounds great, I so cant wait to experience it - and then I will go on a diet for the rest of the weekend, hahaha!


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