10 December 2015


A little while ago Disney Junior launched the movie Miles from Tomorrowland, which is a series about a boy called Miles, and his adventures as a space cadet travelling through outer space discovering galaxies filled with aliens and high-tech gadgets. His mission is to go boldly where no seven-year old has gone before.

To coincide with the launch, TOMY has launched a matching toy line, allowing children to recreate episodes and become a part of the story. My little boy was lucky to be sent a selection of the toys, and here are our thoughts.

The key piece of the toy line is without a doubt the Stellosphere (RRP: 79.95). This spaceship is absolutely huge, and it is the home to Miles and his family. It can split into three smaller ships, which can be used individually but which also can be put together to form a huge playset. When you open up the playset, a command centre is revealed where Miles and his family can receive new missions, and it also has lots of other cool features such as lights, sounds and phrases from the show, and when you put Miles or any of the other figures (which can be purchased individually) into the changing chamber they glows.

There are also six different Basic figures available to collect, which includes Galactic Miles, Superstellar Miles, Merc, Pipp, Loretta and Phoebe (RRP: 10.95 each).

Finally, the Scout Rover (RRP: $22.99) is buggy that Miles and his dad, Leo uses when they are on a mission and need to conquer the rocky terrain. The vehicle comes with the Leo Figure, and it has room for two figures. It has push-down projectile launchers, but can also be connected to the Vehicle Rocket System from the Stellosphere, to activate lights and sounds.



At 2.5 years old, my little boy is slightly younger than the recommended age group for this toy, but I don’t find it is an issue, as he is generally playing with toys above his age. And he absolutely adores this spaceship, and all the figures that comes with it, - the Stellosphere is simply the perfect version of a dolls house for a boy, and it allows him to use his imagination and role play at a completely new level, also thanks to the sheer size and all the features, with the lights and phrases. The Scout Rover and all the figures help make the playset even more fun to play with.

These toys may not be the cheapest around, but my little boy has already spent countless hours playing with them, and he keeps getting back to them again and again, while he often tires of other and more simple toys a lot quicker. When we go for long drives, I always tell him to pack his little backpack with toys, and he often wants to take the Stellosphere with him, although unfortunately it is a little too big for him to sit with in his car seat – but it goes to show that it truly has become a favourite toy – so if you’ve got a little boy, I’d highly recommend that you check out this Miles from Tomorrowland range.

The toys are available from Toys R Us, Target, Big W, Myer and ToyWorld.

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