29 January 2020


And just like that, the long summer holidays are over. Later this week my big boy is stating grade 1 in school and little brother is starting kindergarten. How time has flown. And needless to say that there is a lot of excitement in the house. And for this mummy it also means back to having to make up lunch boxes five days a week, and this year, days where I have to prepare two of them. And well we all know what kids are like - it is not just about what food is in their lunchboxes, it is equally important how it is all packaged - but thankfully thanks to Smash Enterprises and Coles, we are all off to a great start with a cool new selection of lunch boxes.

The Hybrid Ring Pull Lunch Box* is an insulated Bento Cold Box which is both leak proof and air tight. IT has a unique ring pull that makes it easy for the kids to open. And inside it has a removable divider as well as a snack pot making it easy to customise what can be put into it. And you just got to love that the clear design with the insulated jacket helps keep the food cool for longer. 

The 4 Piece Lunch Box Pack* contains a large lunch box, two smaller snack boxes along with a ice brick that clearly keeps the snack puts in place inside the larger box. The large size makes it great for everything from sandwiches and fruit.

The Fridge Tent* is a lunch bag that comes with two removable ice gel packs that slides into pockets on the inside of the bag to keep food cool for up to 7 hours. The upright design, makes it perfect for drink bottles.

The Smash Cyclone Bottle*, is a BPA free 600ml large bottle that has a cap that for once is easy to clean, making it more hygienic, At the same time, the bottle is easy to open, even for little fingers, and it is both leak proof at the same time.

The Smash Bento Safe Lunch Box* is a new style that is now also leak proof. The lid makes it easy for kids to open and close themselves. The large lunch box comes with a removable sandwich tray, with room to also store food underneath, as well as it has two smaller compartments on the side perfect for fruit and snacks. 

The Light Lunch Bag* offers thermal insulation to help keep the lunch cooler for longer. IT is light and easy to carry around, and the large single compartment allows for a multitude of different lunch options.

Finally, the Satchel Insulate Lunch Bag* is an insulated satchel bag that works perfectly with the Bento style box, helping to keep the food cool for longer. The Cool design features a reflective and colourful scull design, which also changes pattern and colours as you move it around - needless to say this was the biggest hit amongst my two boys!!

All these Smash Lunch boxes, bottles and cooler bags, are a part of a limited edition back to school range that is available exclusively to Coles - and only for a limited time while stocks lasts.

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