11 December 2019


It’s that time of year again… time to work out what the kiddies are getting for Xmas. With so many new toy releases coming out all the time, and even more so, right before Christmas, it is always a tricky thing to find the right toys that you know will be a success and keep them entertained again and again. With two little active boys, we’ve got some great suggestions… read on to see our top suggestions this year…

Turbo Force Racers Race track and Racer Assortment.
This is the ultimate boys toys with remote controlled, portable vehicles that you charge and control from your wrist.

The Turbo Force RaceTrack play set allows for the most epic of car pursuits to play with the friends. The track can be assembled in a variety soon of different combinations, including a 360 loop, jump and spiral ramp for even more cool stunts.
The play set includes the race track one Turbo Force Racer Vehicle along with one Turbo Station wrist remote control. 

The Turbo Force Racers Assortment is a remote-control wristband. The Turbo Force Racer charges whilst docked in the Turbo Station, and when you shake up your wrist when wearing it, it charges up the vehicle for a Turbo Boost. And once read to race, you can play in three different modes, Manual Drive, Robot Control, and Responses. The buttons on the Turn Station trigger the turbo boost for a fun play and interactive responses. They have rechargeable batteries, and over 40 cool sounds and phrases, and there’s a variety of colours to collect, including blue, red, green and yellow. 

This is the coolest new take on a car race track you’ve seen, and so much fun for little boys (and their dads!!), with so many different interactive responses for hours of fun imaginative play.
Suitable for children aged 4-10years.

Turbo Force Racers Assortment - RRP: $29.95
Turbo Force Racers Race track - RRP: $89.95

Available from Big W, Myer, and select other toy stores and online retailers 

Really RAD Robot’s Speed Machine!
This is the ultimate robot that can do just about everything. He is fast moving, and can talk, tell jokes, dance, spin and drift and even respond to your voice thanks to the voice command, so if you speak, he reacts. He’s also got a Turbo Boost crash recognition, and can sneak into a room and record a conversation only to make a quick getaway before anyone finds out!! It has two different speed modes. 

And all controlled via a cool and easy to use remote control. This robot is super cute with his cheeky eyes and red design, and is so loaded with so many fun and rad moves, and cheeky pranks that he’ll fast become a household favourite, with
Suitable for children aged 5+ years.

Really RAD Robot’s Speed Machine - RRP: $80
Available from all leading toy retailers

Vtech KidiGear Wakie Talkies
Kids just love walkie talkies, and these make the excitement and adventure to a new level. The kids can have fun and have a chat with someone downstairs or even the neighbour next door thanks to the huge 200m range! The two-way radios feature a digital connection that's clear, and they are also kid-safe, keeping the kid’s conversations private secure, preventing other walkie talkie users from listening in or chatting with them, which is such a great safety feature.

In addition, the walks are also loaded with lots of other features, allowing kids to send messages and picture messages back and forth by selecting from pre-set animated messages using the large, backlit LCD screen. The walkie talkies also have fun voice changing effects with four different funny voice effect. There are also four two-player games, where kids can challenge a friend for some real-time gaming between devices.

Kids will love these - and as a parent, I love that it is a toy that makes my two boys play together in a fun way.
Suitable for children 5+ years, and

KidiGear Walkie Talkies - RRP $49.95
Available from Big W, JB Hi-Fi, and select toy stores and online retailers 

Treasure X Treasure Tomb
This Treasure X Treasure Tomb is the ultimate Treasure X experience, allowing kids to solve secrets and avoid the traps in order to open the vault and reveal 

the epic treasure within! This play set contains several dig and discover unboxing experiences along with a large variety of other features, spooky traps, ladders - in fact, there’s a massive 30 levels of adventure to find the ultimate treasure. The quest begins by smashing through the skull's glasses to open the play set, and to open the vault and reveal the treasure kids must first solve the secrets of the tomb! 

They need to dig through the magic rock and unleash the Mini Beasts from their slumber, find the keys that reveal either a trap or the treasure sword, and then use this sword to open the King's Sarcophagus then uncover, smash and dig through the layers to find the mummified King Goldcrown and his shield! And finally, this shield can open the vault.

This play set is seriously loaded with so many fun things to discover, secrets to uncover and treasures to find. Along with the the real gold dipped treasure from the vault, it also comes with an exclusive figurine; King Goldcrown - the hero from the Treasure X cartoon, along with 2 mini beasts, coins, 4 bugs, 2 keys, 3 treasures, a sword, a vault… lots of stuff!! 

And even when everything is opened, discovered and found, it makes for a fantastic play set to use again and again for new Treasure X adventures. And as the Treasure Tomb Play set closes shut, it is also great for bringing along on holidays etc.
Suitable for kids aged 5+ - Note - WARNING Choking Hazard - Toy contains small parts and small balls, so not for children under 3 years

The Treasure X Treasure Tomb - RRP: $90
Available from Big W, K-Mart, Myer, Target and select toy stores 

Treasure X King's Gold Hunters
For smaller version, kids can search for the Real Gold Dipped Treasure in Treasure X King's Gold - Hunter Pack! In this pack they can smash, dig, unwrap and discover lots of different levels of experiences including a new smash layer and reusable magic rock - a total of 10 levels of adventure to find the gold dipped treasure! The quest begins by finding the shield and then removing the lid of the tomb. They can use the included tool to smash through the wood to the magic rock underneath, and inside they’ll find a collectible Treasure Hunter figurine, weapon, treasure chest and key, as well as the reusable magic rock.

The key is to be used open the chest and discover the treasure but, look out for traps as a critter may jump out. In each pack there's a chance to find real gold dipped treasure, and there are 24 different Treasure Hunters to collect including an all new special feature light up character.

Suitable for kids aged 5+ - Note - WARNING Choking Hazard - Toy contains small parts and small balls, so not for children under 3 years

Treasure X King's Gold Hunters - RRP: $15
Available from Big W, K-Mart, Myer, Target and select toy stores 

Real Control Skateboarding RC
This cool dude is the future of motorised skateboarding! He can move like a can like a real skater on the skateboard with realistic vehicle and character actions through an innovative and intuitive remote control. You simply let your fingers take control over the remote control, and watch him perform the coolest tricks, skate around the house. It includes a 2-axis pivoting deck, which you can tilt in any direction and to watch the removable Skater mirror your movements with his portable arms, head and torso. Even his hat can come off. The skateboard has soft textured wheels for ultimate grip on the floor (and they don’t scratch either!), which make it fly along, as fast as 1metre per second with a reach of 25 metres!!

The skateboard is rechargeable via a USB connection. You almost get exhausted from watching him perform tricks. So much fun for kids aged 5 and up.

Real Control Skateboarding RC - RRP $49.99
Available from Big W, Kmart, Kidstuff, Mr Toys Toyworld, Officeworks, Toymate and selected retailers. 

LeapFrog Rocket Twist Portable Learning Game System
This RockIt Twist takes a new twist on handheld gaming systems, as it is an education system that offers a diverse gaming experience that not only develops fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, but also engages the brain and builds knowledge in a range of areas.

The system has light-up controls and 360 degrees of buttons, spinners, sliders and switches which all trigger different moves, providing a unique game play experience with a twist, as t kids twist, turn, play and learn. The RockIt Twist comes with multiple games, digital pets and music to help children learn while they play. It has twelve preloaded games, in five game play categories, and three different levels, that helps kids learn a variety of different core skills including literacy, maths, problem solving, science and creativity. They can also play with one fo the three adorable digital pets, which they can hatch, nurture and grow to then play games with.

The RockIt Twist is a single-player game system, but it can host up to three profiles, so siblings or friends can easily share. It also comes with built-in MP3 player, so kids can listen to their own music on the go. It also has volume controls, and a headphone jack (so mum and dad can enjoy some peace and quiet, lol). It also comes with a wrist strap and it has a rechargeable battery and a micro USB cable.

I also like that there is no need for Wi-Fi, children can play anywhere, making it the perfect toy for long drives in their car.

LeapFrog Rocket Twist Game Pack - Dinosaur Discoveries
For even more fun, you can purchase additional RockIt Twist game packs separately, with several cool themes such as trolls, baking, pet detective, animals and dinosaurs.

Each of these packs comes with both a digital pet to nurture and matching RockIt Pet figurine.

My big boys is crazy about dinosaurs, so needless to say that he is loving the RockIt Twist ‘Dinosaur Discoveries’, Here he can really get into the pre-historic archaeological world, and create a dinosaur, find and measure fossils, take photos on a dino safari or play a dino running - and all while the game is still educational and focusing on exploring measurements and charts, and discovering graphs. The game pack also includes Sprout, a virtual RockIt Pet dinosaur and matching figurine, that you can grow and play games with including ping-pong.

Again, these game packs are to be used with the RockIt Twist system, and note that it requires Aa computer with an internet connection to use the Expansion Pack activation key to install the game pack onto the RockIt Twist game system. Game pack can be installed on up to five RockIt Twist devices registered to the same parent account.
The LeapFrog Rocket Twist is suitable for children aged 4-10 years

LeapFrog RockIt Twist - RRP $89.95
LeapFrog RockIt Twist Expansion Pack - RRP $14.95ea
Available from Big WT, Target, and select toy stores and online retailers

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