15 December 2019


If you’re still on the hunt for some last minute gift ideas for the kids, I’ve got a few more up my sleeve for you, today from Colorific…

First up, three’s the Build a Bots. The Build a Bot takes robotics to the next level as the child can build and personalise the very own Bot. First Build, then customise and personalise with the include stickers, and then switch it on to play with your very own creation. 

The Build a Bot brings S.T.E.M learning to children from 4- 12 years old. Build a Bot is easy to make thanks to easy-to-follow instructions, though some adult assistance may be required for the younger children.

There’s a few different models available, and each is different, you can chose from the beautiful Butterfly, or the super cute Grasshopper or fiery Fire Ant as pictured here. Such cool toys that create hours of fun at a whole new level.

Build a Bots - RRP: $19.95 each
Available from Toyworld, Kidstuff, Big W

The Cheeky Chaserz are adorable little electronic pets which are all about active play. They make noises and they zip around really quickly... step on them to catch them!

There’s a few different to chose from including the Bonkers Beetle as pictured.
The colourful beetle is a cheeky critter that you can chase around the house, although you’ll have to be hurry as they’re super fast thanks to the high-grip wheels.

You can even collect several of then and connect them to link up the characters to form a Cheeky Choo Choo train! But each character has four different play modes including Stomp and Chase, where you can wear out the critter by stomping on it, Charge and Battle where you can see whose critter can run the longest. It also has two secret modes, Cheeky Squeeky, with hilarious sounds, as well as Dance & Freeze where you take the dance challenge and listen out for the count down and get ready to dance... when the Cheeky freezes, you freeze. If you move before your Cheeky does, you're out!

The Cheeky Chaserz have a robust construction for rough and play, so they’re great for letting the kids burn off some steam!

Cheeky Chaserz - RRP: $14.95 each
Available from Toyworld, Kidstuff, Big W

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