26 November 2015


Today I’d like to the newly launched VS Sassoon Secret Curl Silicone Pop Up Rollers;

What They Say:

VS Sassoon Secret Curl Silicone Pop Up Rollers offer an easy and gentle way to curl hair, with a clipless design to reduce creases. The rollers heat up quickly, and feature a heat-ready indicator as well as a silicone surface to enhance shine. Two sizes included.

RRP: $92.95 – Available from The Shaver Shop

What I Say:

I have always had straight hair, and I remember when I was little and my mum used to use her old hot curlers in my hair to create soft curls if we were going out to special family occasions. And the day I moved out of home, I got the curlers to take with me as I had continued to use them throughout my teenage years. Sadly they stopped working a few years later, but I’d also hate to think how old they were by then.

These new Secret Curl Silicone Pop Up Rollers from VS Sassoon are basically a newer and more updated version of those curlers.

The rollers heat up in their stand/holder very quickly, and have an indicator that shows when they are warm enough to use.


For the best and a lasting result I like to spray my hair with a styling spray prior to using the rollers, and then I simply roll up the sections of hair.

And you decide the look you want. You can roll up all of your hair tightly all the way up to your scalp and leave the rollers in until they are completely cool, to achieve a head-full of bouncy curls. And the less hair you roll up in each roller, the better your hair will respond, and hence the more curls you will get. Or alternatively, which is what I prefer, a look with looser curls and volume which you get when you roll up sections of your hair from the end to the middle of your hair, leaving them in slightly for a slightly shorter period.


Regardless, after you have taken out the rollers, I like to spray my hair with a light mist of flexible hair spray to ensure that the curls last longer in the hair.

Once you’ve got the hang of it, the design of the rollers which have a clipless design make them easy to use without the need for hair pins, you simply just roll it around your hair and click it shut. And when the rollers have cooled down in the hair, you simply open and carefully unwind the hair from the roller. The rollers also come in two sizes, you can also create a more natural look with different sized curls.

The stand conveniently the 12 rollers and it is handy to store away until the next use. The 12 included rollers is a little too little for my long thick hair, but luckily you can purchase additional rollers.

I also like the rollers features a silicone surface, which not only helps give the hair a nice shine, but it also protects the hair and helps provide the best styling result.

Overall I really like these Secret Curl Rollers from VS Sassoon as they are such an easy way of updating your hair style from a head full of tight curls to softer and loose curls, even in my long, heavy and straight hair.

*Product was kindly provided for consideration, and has reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

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