27 February 2014

Product Review: Premium Spa Body Wash with Tangerine & Lime Zest

I’ve always taken forever to wake up in the mornings, and used to require several cups (read mugs!) of strong coffee to get the body into motion. Fast forward, and now with a baby, and no longer getting my required sleep every night, and having to cut down my caffeine intake dramatically so I don’t pass on too much to my baby boy through the breast milk, I rely on other measures to wake me up, such as a refreshing shower, and here are my thoughts on one of the shower products that I’ve enjoyed using lately; the Premium Spa Body Wash with Tangerine & Lime Zest;

 What They Say:
"Indulge in the invigorating aromas of tangerine, lime & lemon oils combined with organic aloe for a gentle-to-the-skin formulation that leaves skin softly cleansed and revitalised."

RRP: $9.95/300ml – Available from Priceline, Big W and selected pharmacies

What I Say:
I have only just come across the newly launched Premium Spa brand (check out my review of the SOS Foot products here, and the SOS Hand Cream here), and have been very impressed with the quality of these budget products.

Premium Spa has been around for over 8 years, but has recently been relaunched with new packaging and some new products as well. Common for all the products in the range is that they are made in Australia from natural, locally grown ingredients, and contain no chemical nasties such as: SLS, mineral oils, detergents, artificial colours, synthetic fillers, or polybeads, which always gets the big thumbs up from me.  In addition, the packaging is also recyclable, and none of the products have been tested on animals!

The Premium Spa Body Wash with Tangerine & Lime Zest come in a simple slightly frosted white tall bottle with a push lid, making it simple and easy to use in the shower, even when you have wet hands.

The Body Wash contains, as the name suggests tangerine and lemon oil and lime zest, which combined help to uplift and refresh the senses, and helps balance and maintain the oil and moisture balance in the skin. It has also been formulated with certified organic aloe vera to help soothe and heal the skin and calendula extracts to help calm the skin.

The body wash easily lathers up to a soft foam, although you get even more form if you use a loofah in the shower. The body wash leaves the skin soft and clean without drying it out. And as you use the body wash, the most refreshing and zesty citrus scent that lingers both in the bathroom, and on my skin for a while after I am out of the shower – definitely awakens my senses, although I may still be half asleep myself! Absolutely divine – and if you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know that citrus scents are one of my favourites, so this is nothing short of perfect!

Unfortunately (for me!), my darling husband has also realised how divine this body wash smells, and that it is not a girly scent, so sadly it appears that I cannot even keep it to myself! Bummer!

In spite of not drying out my skin, I still follow with a body lotion, although this does somewhat reduce the gorgeous citrus scent.

What I Like:
  • Has the most divine refreshing citrus scent
  • Leaves the skin feeling cleansed and soft and with a gorgeous zesty scent
  • Australian owned and made products
  • Contains natural ingredients and no harsh or nasty chemicals
  • Not tested on animals
  • Simple and easy to use bottle, which is recyclable
  • Great budget price

What I Don’t Like:
  • I absolutely love everything about this body wash as this is just my favourite scent, - my only wish could be that a larger sized bottle it a pump would be available, and that a matching body lotion and body scrubs would one day become available as well.

Yet again, Premium Spa has impressed me. This is such a gorgeous scented body wash, and while $9.95 may be slightly more expensive than other body washes available from the supermarket, this one not loaded with harsh chemicals, and consequently I feel that it is worthwhile paying just a few more dollars. I will definitely be repurchasing this again – and seeing my lovely husband has also taken a liking to it, it is likely to be on the shopping list sooner rather than later. If you too are loving zesty citrus scented products, then I highly recommend you try it!
* Product was kindly provided for consideration, and has reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

Have you tried any of the products from Premium Spa? What type of body washes do you use? What is your ultimate scented body wash?



  1. I haven't tried this one but have the other scent and it's amazing. I've nearly finished it and am going to pick up this scent next.

    1. If you love zesty products as much as I do, you'll absolutely love this one.

  2. Love thier products as they don't irritate sensitive skin :)


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