14 February 2014

Product Review: Covergirl Flamed Out Mascara

As you probably all know, Pink is the face of Covergirl, and I absolutely love Pink. Last time she  was touring, in spite of doing a record number – 17 concerts in total, I was for some reason not able to go. And when she toured Australia again in 2013 I so wanted to go, and with a total of 18 concerts held in Melbourne, I’d think that I should be able to find a day that suited – but nope, I was highly pregnant at the time, so I didn’t really feel like jumping around, or being bumped for that matter. And my husband felt so sorry for me that he gave me the DVD with the concert which happened to be filmed in Melbourne, and I love it, and have watched it countless times already while I wait for her to come back to Melbourne.

And doesn’t Pink just look so stunning in the Flamed Out ads!

Anyway, back to it, here are my thoughts on the newly launched *CoverGirl Flamed Out Mascara;

What They Say:

"An innovative Volume Igniter brush defines and separates each lash, saturating with mascara as it flares them up and out for a wide-eyed look. The high density of soft, hollow fibre bristles on the ends of the brush soak up mascara and deposit it onto the lashes, while shorter bristles in the centre of the brush ensure all over coverage. The thick, fast setting formula is smudge proof and flake resistant, ensuring maximum volume that doesn’t smear during application or after. Available in Very Black Blaze (300) and Black/Brown Blaze (315)."

RRP: $14.95 (11ml) – Available from Available from Priceline, Supermarkets, Variety Stores and Selected Pharmacies

What I Say:

The new Flamed Out collection from CoverGirl is all about creating a long-lasting exotic, high-impact eyes that are sure to turn heads.

Covergirl P!NK says "I like my makeup to be colourful, smoky, sexy and the new Flamed Out Collection from CoverGirl is all those things. The Mascara gives you big, flamed out lashes and the Shadow Pencils complement each other to make a dramatic statement - perfect for the kind of looks I like to wear on stage! Hot enough for you?"
(Stay tuned for my review of the Shadow Pencils shortly!)

So the mascara claims to be a Volume Igniter that flares up the lashes. It has a quite large hourglass shaped wand to ensure that every single lash, even the shortest of lashes is coated with the mascara. The end of the brush is small and helps get to the smaller lashes near the inner corner of the eye, while the middle part of the mascara makes it easy to coat the longer lashes.

As all new mascaras it is very full, and with the first few uses you have to be careful not to get too much on the wand, as then you will end up with mascara all over your lids too, and not to mention your lashes will stick together as they drown in mascara overload. I usually get around this by scraping some of the mascara off on the top of the tube, so all that mascara is not wasted. But why is it that all mascaras, regardless of whether they are cheap or expensive, are always best near the end when it is just about empty!

Just one coat of the mascara is enough for a nice look with long lashes and volume, but adding another coat does give you a more dramatic look – and if you like, you can add a third coat on the edges of the lashes for an extreme look.

And true to its claim, this Flamed Out mascara does make my lashes not only thicker and longer, but it also gives them a bit of a curl. Once upon time, before having a baby I was a lot better at remembering to use an eyelash curler, but these days, I simply don’t have the time, so I like that the mascara does this as well, helping to open up my eyes and make them look less tired than they really are. And the mascara also nicely separates the lashes, without clumping. And very important, it doesn’t irritate or drop particles into my eyes, and although my eyes water easily, it doesn’t smudge either. It simply stays put all day. And when it comes time to remove it, it easily removes with an eye makeup remover without the need to pull or drag in the sensitive eye area.

The actual mascara comes in nice red and purple packaging, and it is not just the brush that is super-sized, the actual tube is too. I don’t really mind that, - firstly because it is due to the mascara being so big and containing a whopping 11ml of mascara, but secondly because I rarely take my mascara with me on the go, so I don’t have to worry about it taking up too much room in my already overfilled handbag!

What I Like:
  • The wand is easy to use, making it easy to also coat the small lashes
  • True to its claim it gives my lashes both length and volume, and curls them at the same time
  • Suitable for sensitive eyes
  • Great value for money

 What I Don’t Like:
  • There is a lot of mascara in the tube so it may clump at the first few uses – but on the other hand, rather a full mascara than one that is half-empty!

Overall this is a great mascara that lives up to its claims. It is suitable for both everyday wear with just one coat giving the lashes a nice natural look, while 2-3 coats will give you a more dramatic look suitable for a night out. At just $14.95 this mascara is an amazing bargain buy – now all we can dream off is to look as gorgeous as Pink!
*This product was kindly provided for consideration, and it has been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

What do you think of this new mascara from CoverGirl? What do you look for in a mascara?

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