3 December 2013

Product Review: Lust Have It – November Box

With a 5 month old baby, long trips to the shopping centre is no longer a reality, so this year I’ve been relying on the internet for some online shopping. Consequently I have quite a few Xmas pressies that I am now waiting for to be delivered. So I wasn’t surprised when the parcel postie rolled up this morning. But what I didn’t expect to find was this month’s November Lust Have It Box, so imagine my surprise when I spotted it there. Here are my thoughts of the contents of the November Lust Have It Box;

What They Say:
"Lust Have It boxes regularly contains products worth $60+ for only $19.95/month! Monthly box filled with 5 to 6 premium beauty samples. Delivered to your home or work each month for you to try."

RRP: Lust Have It Box (monthly) RRP: $19.95, Eco Box (quarterly) RRP: $29.95 – but read on to find out how to get a discount on your first box..
Available from Lust Have It

What I Say:
A few months ago, Lust Have It changed the look of their boxes, and I am pleased to see that this month’s box is still a box with a magnetic closure and the new white design with the blue, pink, orange and red water colour floral design.

For some reason this month’s box does not contain a card detailing the theme of the items in the box, or their value, but luckily I did manage to find all the details in this months’ online Lustre magazine, which is great as it saved me a lot of searching.

Anyway, here’s a rundown of the goodies in this months box:

Davroe Hair Wellness Colour Senses Ends Repair – Full size (RRP: $9.95/50m) 
This is a leave-in hair treatment that helps strengthen the hair, and illuminate its colour. I’ve never tried any products from Davroe so I can’t wait to try this one. And I love the fact that the products are free from petrochemicals and parabens, and that it’s an Australian made and owned brand.

It also comes with an offer where if you purchase a Luxe Leave in Masque 200g from Davroe, you get a free Rebuilder Protein Reconstructor 50ml, valued at $14.95. And you also get a 20% discount voucher to use with your next order.

Aveda Botancal Kintics Purifying Gel Cleanser – Sample 7ml (RRP: $54.95/150ml)
This gel cleanser is intended for normal to oily skin types helping to remove impurities and normalise the skin, so this sounds just perfect for my skin type, and I can’t wait to try it.

Aveda Tourmaline Charged Hydrating Creme – Sample 7ml (RRP: $89.95/50ml)
Considering this cream is worth a whopping $89.95, this is a very generous sample size. The cream is intended for dry skin, and as I have combination skin, I am not quite sure how it will agree with my skin, especially not now it is summer and my skin tends to be greasier, but maybe it will be great come winter when my skin gets a little drier.

Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real Mascara – Sample 3g – (RRP: $38/8.5g)
I don’t think this mascara needs any introduction. I think the whole world knows about this wonder mascara that promises you so dramatically long eye lashes that everyone will think they are fake. I love this mascara and although I am already familiar with it, I love that it is included. It will certainly not go to waste. And actually to be honest, I much prefer mascaras in samples sizes over full sizes anyway, as they take so much less room in my makeup purse, and won’t hang around for ever either.

The box also included a special offer where you can get a complementary eye and brow make-upper at the Benefit Cosmetics counter at Myer. And if you purchase a Brow Arch Wax you will also receive a free brow tint.


Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Gentle Exfoliating Facial Scrub – Sample 15ml (RRP: $9.95/150ml)

This is a physical facial scrub that contains micro-fine cocoa beans. I have always loved the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter body products, especially while I was pregnant, they were amazing. But I’ve never tried so I do look forward to seeing how it preforms. At $9.95 for a full sized tube, it is certainly good value.

Lonvitalite C3 Red Wine Collagen Firming & Moisturising Facial Mask – One mask (RRP: $32/5 masks)

Currently breast feeding, it’s been forever since I last had even a sip of red wine, well over a year ago, since before I got pregnant. This red wine cloth mask may be the closest I’ll get for a while. It promises to seal in water in the skin, and improve skin lustre, fade wrinkles and promote regeneration of damaged cells. Sounds pretty good to me, now I just need hubby around so I can find the time to pamper myself!

Mary Kay Soothing Foot Balm – Full Size but part of pack – (RRP: $38 for a pack including Foot Soak, Foot Scrub, Foot Balm and Pumice Stone)

Summer has finally arrived, which means getting the tootsies into sandals. Finally. Sadly my feet are a little neglected and for some reason my feet always get horribly dry during summer, so this soothing foot balm will be very handy. It appears that the boxes contain any one of the foot products, but personally I am so happy to have received the balm.

Mary Kay Thinking of You Eau De Parfum – Card sample x 2 (RRP: $30/29.6ml)

I am not in love with these types of card samples as I can never seem to get enough out of it, but as I have never tried any fragrances from Mary Kay, so I look forward to trying these. And at least I got two samples, so there’s an extra opportunity to trial it!

Mary Kay Brow Definer Pencil – Full Size (RRP: $17/1,13g)

I have to be honest and admit that I don’t often define my brows. Suddenly having a baby that needs to be ready to get out the door too, means less time for me, a lot less time. But in saying that, I do like my brows defined, so this will be a useful on the days I do have time. I just have the worry that this is a black pencil, and although I have dark brows, they are not that dark, so I do worry that it may be a touch too dark, but time will tell.

Hello Fresh $30 voucher

This is an amazing concept where you can subscribe to meal boxes where there is everything you need to create the dinners for the recipes also created. You have the option of meals with meat, or alternatively a vegetarian option, and can choose if you want food for 2, 4 or 6 persons and also if you want meals for 3 or 5 times that week. With a baby I now always find that I am short of time to find new things to cook, and even worse go grocery shopping, so for me this is a brilliant option, and I will definitely try this out after Christmas. For more info, visit, Hello Fresh 

As per previous boxes I love how the Lust Have It box contains a variety of different products, including both skincare, makeup and hair and body care. This month’s box includes three full sized products including the Mary Kay Brow Pencil, Mary Kay Foot Balm and Davroe Ends Repair, and the value of these far exceeds the cost of the box. In addition it also contains the Longvitalite cloth mask and the deluxe samples of the Benefit They’re Real Mascara, and as a bonus also samples of Mary Kay Perfume, Aveda cleanser and cream, and Palmers Face Scrub.

Overall, I love the selection this month, and I will start using the foot balm and hair treatment straight away. I am loving the inclusion of the Benefit mascara, as although I do have a full sized one, a back is always handy, and the brow pencil will certainly be useful at some stage too. So all in all, I am yet again impressed with not only the selection of product, but also the value for money of this box. Well done Lust Have It!

Discount Offer

Have you signed up to any monthly beauty subscription boxes? Thinking of trying the Lust Have It Box and getting a selection of new beauty products to try delivered to your door every month?

Each month the Lust Have It box includes 5 or 6 hand-picked beauty samples worth $60+ delivered to your door for only $19.95/mth. Some of the brands you can expect to trial include: Benefit, Shiseido, Kerastase, Glasshouse and Laura Mercier to name a few. 

For more information, check out the Lust Have It Website.

And if you use my unique code LIFESTYLE at the checkout on the Lush Have It website, you are eligible for $5 off your first box from Lust Have It, and at the same time you’ll also be supporting Beauty & Lifestyle Hunter, as I will get a few dollars too if someone subscribes using this code.
*This product was kindly provided for consideration, and has been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

What do you think of this month’s Lust Have It box? Are you a subscriber? Or are you maybe considering subscribing? Have you tried any of this month’s products?


  1. Looks like a very good box! :) I love sample sized mascaras over the large sized ones too! Convenient!

    xo, Haylee

    1. Me too, I wish they sold the smaller sizes, but if they did, I bet they would be expensive too!

  2. Oh la la what a great box of treats!
    Online shopping is definately the way to go, so long as your home to receive it. Its always a pain when you miss the postie and have to trudge up to the shops anyways to collect it from the post office!

    1. I agree, having to go to the post office to get parcels can be a pain, but I'm lucky to be at home at the moment with my baby, so that makes receiving parcels easy. In saying that, on the few days I am out in the mornings when the postie arrives, that's usually when I do receive a parcel, so I end up at the post office anyway! Typical!

  3. Um thats the november box...

    1. Wooops, arriving in December I automatically assumed that it was the December box...I'll edit my post to say its the November box ;-)

  4. Davroe is absolutely amazing. The Luxe Leave in Masque 200g from Davroe is so good! I'm yet to try the ends repair sample you got.

    1. That sounds fantastic, I'm yet to try it, but now I cant wait!

  5. I also received the exact same box and love it! Using the Mary Kay foot balm -as I'm not sure but it might have an expiry of next month 01/14 - but it's foot balm - I'm sure it wont 'go off' that quick!
    I took out a 12 month subscription and it's excellent value - the last few boxes have been outstanding!

    1. I didn't even check the expiry date, but I certainly will. I agree, it shouldn't go off that quick, but still a little disappointing with a product with such a short shelf-life! But otherwise I am so impressed with the quality of these boxes too!


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