13 May 2017


I love it when I come across new brands, and one I came across lately was Gensen Japan, so for the past few weeks I've been putting a few of their products to the test including the Sun Age Control Day & Night Repair Serum, and the Sun Age Control Day & Night Revitalising Moisturiser. 

If you've not heard of Gensen Japan before, let me quickly fill you in..

As the name suggests, these products are formulated in Japan, and combines Japanese skincare rituals refined over centuries with advanced technology. The name Gensen means both "source" and "handpicked". The products contain among others Onsen water from Japanese Hot Spring Waters which originate deep in the volanic earth, as these waters are rich in minerals and iodine, which have skin healing, anti-inflammatory, anti-infection, restoring, and rejuvenating properties. As well as the products contain Plat Ceria, which is a non-greasy base that helps protect the skin from UV rays.

The Gensen Japan Sun Age Control Day & Night Repair Serum is a serum that aims to penetrate deep into the layers of the skin to help hydrate, while protect the skin, as well as it helps restore and rejuvenate the skin at night, to help prevent and reverse skin ageing for a combined more luminous and younger looking skin. It also promises to: 
  • Smooth fine lines 
  • Helps repair damage from sun exposure 
  • Regenerates ageing skin 
  • Accelerates skin renewal 
  • Bolsters the skin defense system 
  • Provides optimum hydration 

In addition to the Onsen Water and the Plat Ceria, the serum also contains hyaluronic acid and collagen to help hydrate the skin and promote cell repair and renewal, along with extracts of Chamomilla Recutita, Yuzu (Japanese citron) and soybean to help reduce free radical damage.

The serum is to be used morning and night, after cleansing on face, neck and decollete, and prior to moisturising.

The actual serum is very thin and runny, so you have to be careful when dispensing it from the pump bottle, so you don't spill the precious drops. Hereafter you can pat it into the skin, working very fast as the light and non-greasy serum absorbs super fast. And in spite of it being so light, you can feel that it is still adding lots of moisture to the skin leaving it so soft and smooth.

After the serum, morning and night, I follow with the Gensen Japan Sun Age Control Day & Night Revitalising Moisturiser, which promises to repair and protect the skin. Like the serum, it contains the key ingredients Onsen Water, Plat Ceria, and Yuzu and soy bean extracts. But in addition it also contains Hyaluronic acid and collagen, to help enhance hydration and promote cell repair and renewal, as well as Squalene to help protect the skin from moisture loss and for shield against environmental toxins. In addition it also promises to;

  • Protects from UVB and UVA rays 
  • Soothes and nourishes the skin 
  • Locks in moisture and prevents evaporation from the skin 
  • Promotes the skin renewal process 
  • Leaves skin soft and supple 
  • Gives a luminous appearance 

Often anti-ageing moisturisers are very heavy, and way too intense for my combination skin prone to breakouts, quickly making my skin feel greasy and congested, and even break out, so it was again a pleasant surprise that it is not the case with the Day & Night Revitalising Moisturiser. It also has a very light, almost gel-like consistency, which absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving it soft and smooth, and with a velvety matte finish. It is the perfect moisturiser to use under my makeup, making it say looking nicer all day.

And when used as night cream, unlike with many other night creams, I don't wake in the morning with a skin that is feeling and looking greasy, but rather my skin is looking healthy and glowing. Yet at the same time, I can both see and feel that the moisturiser is still adding more than sufficient moisture to my skin.

The products come in easy to use navy blue bottles, which look simple and stylish, and quite luxurious too. Overall, I've really enjoyed using these products from Gensen Japan as they are so great for my ageing, yet combination skin, as while they are intense, the products have such light consistency. While I cannot see any major difference in the amount of lines and wrinkles on my face, my skin is generally looking plump and so much softer and smoother, as well as it has a lovely healthy radiant glow, so I will be sad the day that the pretty bottles are empty.

Gensen Japan Sun Age Control Day & Night Repair Serum - RRP: $$110 / 35ml
Gensen Japan Sun Age Control Day & Night Revitalising Moisturiser - RRP: $86 / 60ml

Or if you hurry, there's currently a Mother's Day Special, where you can save 20% and purchase both for $156

Available from Gensen Japan

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