15 January 2017


Today I'm going to share with you an exciting new launch from asap, the DNA Renewal Treatment… I've only recently tried some of the products from asap, and really loved the products, which you can read more about here - so I was very excited to put this newbie to the test.

And even more so as this products is so advanced… the treatment helps target the skin's own natural DNA repair process while giving it maximum hydration.

it contains among others a telomere technology, which are DNA repair enzymes that are designed to assist in the protection and repair of DNA damage, along with a Multi-Peptide Complex that helps enhance cellular longevity and vitality. But it doesn’t stop there as it also contains a self-regenerative stem cell technology and polyglucuronic acid help boost elasticity, collagen and cell renewal, which in turn helps promote a firmer skin, where lines and wrinkles are reduced, for an overall younger looking skin.

Asap claims that the DNA Renewal Treatment is clinically proven to give:
  • Up to 96% wrinkle reduction in 1 month
  • Up to 24% increase in skin hydration in 1 month
  • Up to 99.1% protection against skin cell DNA damage

While it also; 
  • Repairs past skin damage
  • Restores skin hydration
  • Regain your skins youthfulness
  • Protect against future skin damage

In short this is an advanced anti-ageing product that is designed to not only help repair past damage, but also help protect your skin from future damage, as it also contains an anti-pollution complex protects the skin from pollution induced damage and reinforces the skin's natural barrier

The treatment is to be used at night om cleansed skin on the face, neck and décolleté, after other serums, and prior to moisturiser, or it can be used 2-3 times a week to maintain a youthful appearance.

The treatment comes in a luxe looking grey pump bottle, and the actual product has the consistency like a very light moisturiser/serum, and it absorbs into the skin immediately, without leaving the skin feeling greasy or tacky, but rather with a nice matte finish, so you barely notice it is there - and it is therefore also great for layering with other serums and moisturisers on top. It has a subtle and pleasant floral scent that quickly fades.

With my combination skin prone to breakouts, I am always concerned with new anti-ageing products as often they are simply too rich for my skin, quickly leaving it feeling congested and making it break out, but that has thankfully not been the case - on the contrary, I actually think it may have helped clear up and prevent new breakouts!

I've been using this treatment serum for about a month now, the first few weeks nightly, and hereafter 2-3 times a week, and have to say that I am more impressed with the results that I have already seen. My combination skin seems clearer and in general more refined, as well as it also seems more even in tone with pigmentation and sun damage clearly reduced in appearance, and consequently my skin looking more radiant and younger looking. While I never feel that my combination skin lacks moisture, I also feel that my skin is deeply moisturised and plumb, and that fine lines therefore appear to be less noticeable.

Overall I am really impressed with this DNA Renewal Treatment, as I feel it has such a significant effect on my skin in a very short period of time, - yes it is an extra step in your skincare routine as it is to be used prior to your serum, but if you are serious about anti-ageing and are looking to treat pigmentation, sun damage and dull uneven skin tone, then I highly recommend that you give it a try.

asap DNA Renewal Treatment - RRP: $103.20
Available from RY

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