30 December 2013

Product Review: Keeping Safe in the Sun

This year Melbourne has seen one of the worst springs in a very long time. It has been cold and wet. Some days it has felt like the rain has never stopped. Even just the other day it was so cold I had to put the heater on in the house in the morning, that afternoon the sun finally came out and the air conditioner had to go on, and two days later it was again so cold that I had to put the heater on to make sure my baby boy wouldn’t be too cold overnight. But It seems summer has finally arrived here in Melbourne, and this past weekend has been lovely and sunny. Not extremely warm, but just lovely.

My Scandinavian skin is already sufficiently damaged with more pigmentation that I like, so this summer I will do what I can to protect my skin from the sun’s harmful rays and even further skin damaged.


Here’s a run-down of some of the products I’ll be using to keep my family sun-safe this summer;

Ultraceuticals Ultra Protective Daily Moisturiser SPF 30+ Mattifying*

Ultraceuticals Ultra Protective Daily Moisturiser SPF 30+ Mattifying is a fast-absorbing broad-spectrum sunscreen protecting the skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays to help reduce the signs of premature skin ageing, and fighting free radicals.


It contains a blend of moisturising ingredients including shea butter, sodium PCA and panthenol to support the skins lipid barrier function, without clogging the pores or leaving an oily residue.

The Sunscreen has a light fresh scent, and it spreads easily and absorbs quickly into the skin.

Usually sunscreens make my combination skin feeling and looking greasy, and in no time clogs my pores, making my skin feel congested and making it breakout – but this Protective Daily Moisturiser really does leave the skin with a shine free and matte finish, all day long – and without making my skin breaking out! It is perfect on its own, and works brilliantly under makeup as well. I have finally found a sunscreen that agrees with my skin.

The sunscreen from Ultraceuticals comes in an easy to use tube with an airless pump, and it contains a massive 100ml, making it very reasonably priced.

RRP $65 (100ml) – Available from David Jones, Ultraceuticals Online, and select stockists

Banana Boat Sport Clear Spray SPF 50+*

This sunscreen from Banana Boat contains SPF 50+ Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB Protection. It comes in an aerosol can that makes it easy to apply, even on hard to reach areas such as your back, as it sprays in a super fine mist that requires no rubbing. And it absorbs easily into the skin, and it goes on clear too, so no looking like Casper the ghost!


My husband hate the greasy hands he gets after rubbing in sunscreen, so this is perfect for him when he goes off to play baseball – also because it is 4 hours water and sweat resistant, so I can relax knowing that he will be protected throughout the game.  And he likes that it has next to no scent too.

The only negative about this sunscreen is that is not ideal for applying indoors as it does leave a bit of a greasy film on your floor afterwards – so if you do, make sure to put down a towel first!

RRP: $16.49 (175ml) – Available from supermarkets, Priceline, variety stores and selected pharmacies


Nivea Sun Kids Caring Roll On Sun Lotion SPF50*
I don’t plan on getting my five month old baby in the sun this summer – but sometimes you just cannot avoid it – and to make sure that his sensitive skin doesn’t burn – as we all know, you can even burn when you are in the shade!! – I will be relying on the Nivea Sun Kids Caring Roll-On Sun Lotion SPF50. This roll-on sunscreen has been especially designed for kids. It is not only fragrance free, it also contains a mineral active formulation to enhance the skin’s protection against the sun.

The roll-on makes the sunscreen so quick and easy to apply, and the light formula is absorbs quickly into the skin, without leaving a greasy residue. And I love that it is 4 hours water resistant so I know my little boys skin will be protected for longer.

RRP: 10.99 (65ml) – Available from – Available from supermarkets, Priceline, variety stores and selected pharmacies

Invisible Zinc 4 Hour Water Resistant SPF50+*
This sunscreen contains zinc oxide, a micronised natural ingredient that creates a reflective shield on the surface of the skin offering maximum UVA and UVB coverage. The zinc has been micronised to the point that it is no longer visible to the naked eye – unlike other zinc sunscreens, it doesn’t leave the white caster – it is literally Invisible!

The cream has a slightly thick consistency, but it spreads easily, and absorbs into the skin quickly and without leaving the skin feeling greasy – and I love that for use on my face – having combination skin, finding a sunscreen that doesn’t make my skin even greasier on hot summers days, and doesn’t clog up my skin or makes it feel congested, can be a little tricky. I also love that the sunscreen is 4 hour water resistant, so I know that my skin is protected for prolonged stays in the sun, after a dip in the pool or if sweating. I also love that the formula is so gentle that it is suitable for even those with sensitive skin as well as for children.

It has a slightly chemical scent, which however does fade quickly. It comes in an easy to use pump bottle.

RRP: $21.95 (50ml) - Available from department stores, supermarkets, Priceline, variety stores and selected pharmacies

Invisible Zinc Environmental Skin Protector SPF 30+*

This Invisible Zinc ESP Environmental Skin Protector 30+ is a three-in-one antioxidant moisturiser combined with a natural, physical, mineral, zinc sunscreen and anti-pollution formula. It forms an invisible film that functions as a barrier between the skin and the environment. It contains mineral reflectors to deflect UV light and neutralises environmental agents such as pollution, chemicals and smoke. Gotta love such a multi-tasking product!

It comes in an easy to use pump bottle and it has a typical sunscreen scent. The consistency is slightly thick, but is easy to apply and spread onto the skin, although it does take a little while to absorb fully, but once it has, there is no greasy feeling at all. And in spite of being a bit thick, I like how light on my skin, and that it doesn’t make my skin shiny during the day or make my blemish prone skin break out, so it’s as perfect on its own as it is as a base for makeup.

This is a specific facial cream, but I have also been using it on my décolleté, as I am particularly concerned with pigmentation and ageing in the area, and it of course works perfectly for that as well, not staining my clothes.   

RRP: $35 (50ml) - Available from department stores, supermarkets, Priceline, variety stores and selected pharmacies

Nivea Sun Light Feel Everyday Sun Lotion SPF30+*

Nivea Sun Light Feel Everyday Sun Lotion SPF30+ is specially formulated to feel like an everyday body moisturiser. Lightweight moisturising ingredients combined with broad-spectrum SPF30+ UVA and UVB filters create a sunscreen that is lightweight without compromising maximum protection.


As the name suggests, this really is a light lotion that sinks right into the skin to leave skin soft and moisturied. It is non-greasy, and it doesn’t leave a shiny look, yet it leaves the skin feeling velvety soft.

I love that it is non-greasy and absorbs so quickly, as it means that I can get dressed straight away, and it doesn’t stain my clothes either.

It contains vitamin E to keep the skin moisturised and nourished, and it is waterproof for 4 hours. It has a typical sunscreen scent, although it is a more gentle scent than most other sunscreens.

RRP: $10.99 (100ml) – Available from supermarkets, Priceline, variety stores and selected pharmacies

Reef Dry-Touch Sunscreen Lotion SPF30+*

With combination skin, I hate sunscreens that leave my skin feeling greasy or shiny, my skin is shiny enough as it is during the hot and humid summers days.


The Reef Dry Touch SPF 30+ Sunscreen Lotion is as the name suggests, really a dry-touch sunscreen. Once applied to the skin, the light cream, leaves the skin feeling smooth and hydrated with a powdery silky soft finish and touch.

The cream is protects skin against UVA and UVB rays and is water resistant for 4 hours.

Like other Reef sun products, it has the trademark coconut scent, which makes you daydream you’re on a tropical island, and not just in your own backyard!

RRP: $10.99 (150ml) - Available from supermarkets, Priceline, variety stores and selected pharmacies

Hamilton Everyday Face Sunscreen SPF30+ Matte*
Hamilton Suncare Everyday Face Sunscreen SPF30+ is a sheer, matte, lightweight, fragrance-free sunscreen with broad spectrum SPF30+ UVA and UVB protection.

With combination skin prone to breakouts, I am always struggling finding a sunscreen that I can use on my face, but this sunscreen is non-greasy and non-comedogenic, so I don’t need worry that it will make my skin greasier or make it break out.


It has a typical sunscreen scent and light formula with a slight tint, and it absorbs quickly into the skin leaving the skin with a nice dewy matte finish that stays put all day. The tint is slightly greyish, but it more or less disappears once on the skin, although it is still helping even out my skintone, leaving it with a nice sheen, so I feel that on a casual day I don’t even have to wear a tinted moisturiser as well. On the days that I do wear makeup, it works perfectly underneath makeup as well. This sunscreen is truly fantastic for combination, oily and acne prone skin, and best of all, it is an Australian brand!

RRP: $12.95 (75g) – Available from Priceline and pharmacies

Hamilton Everyday Face Daily Defence SPF30+*

This is a light, non-oily sunscreen formulated for the face and neck to provide SPF 30+ broad-spectrum protection. I love that this sunscreen is a 3-in-1 product, a sunscreen, a moisturiser and a tinted moisturiser as well.

The moisturiser has a slight tint, which is available in light, medium and dark, to cater for all skintones. I used the medium tint, which is perfect for my medium neutral skin tone. But in spite of having a tint, it is practically invisible once on the skin, yet it evens out the skintone nicely, hiding any redness, and minor blemishes and pigmentation. And if I do need more coverage, it works perfectly as a primer under makeup too.


It is also very moisturising so no need to apply a moisturiser first, yet it absorbs quickly into the skin leaving it with a matte dewy finish that lasts well into the afternoon.

The sunscreen doesn’t clog up the pores and it is non-comedogenic so it perfect for those greasier skintypes or prone to breakouts.

RRP: $10.95 (50g) - Available from Priceline and pharmacie

Clarins Sunscreen Control Cream For Face SPF30*
As someone who sadly in at the age where I worry at the ageing my skin, I love the Clarins Sunscreen Control Cream For Face SPF30 as it is a high protection sunscreen with anti-aging benefits. It protects the skin from the harmful UVA and UVB rays, to prevent the skin from lines and wrinkles with 100-percent mineral UVA/UVB sun filters.

It contains among others Phyto-Sunactyl 2 Complex promotes a more even tan by providing reinforced protection to preserve your skin's youth and beauty, while keeping the sun moisturised to help prevent sun-induced skin aging and promote an even, long-lasting tan.

The sunscreen has a lightweight consistency, and it absorbs quickly into the skin without making it feel greasy. And as someone with combination skin prone to breakouts I love that it is non-comedogenic so it doesn’t make my skin break out.

I love knowing that it protects my skin when I am out in the sun, and I like the added benefit of wrinkle protection. And I love that it has been formulated without sulfates, synthetic dyes, petrochemicals, and phthalates.

Reef After Sun & Tan Extender Coconut*

This Reef After Sun & Tan Extender is a light moisturiser designed formulated with bronzing agents and intensive moisturisers including aloe vera.

It is intended to be applied after sun exposure to cool and reduce signs of redness and blotchiness. The moisturisers work to soothe and soften the skin, while the bronzing agent builds on and retains your skin’s summer glow.

The After Sun & Tan Extender has a gel texture and it is easy to apply to the skin. It absorbs quickly, and as it has a bronze tint, you have to work it in to the skin quickly to avoid streaks. After it has absorbed into the skin, it leaves the skin feeling hydrated, and without being greasy, and with a nice bronze glow.

While I am generally not a fan of coconut scented products, I love this multi-tasking product that is caring for my skin after a day in the sun, while working as a gradual tanner as well – and used frequently, it gives my skin such a lovely colour that I don’t have to bake in the sun to achieve it, saving my skin from damage long term.

RRP: $10.50 (150ml) - Available from supermarkets, Priceline, variety stores and selected pharmacies

Sukin Sunless Bronzing Gel*

Now, I have to admit that I am not a frequent user of self-tanner, -with the main reason that I absolutely hate the smell that develops along the tan, but with the summer we’ve so far had in Melbourne, I’ve had to rely on a self-tanner.


And I am loving the new Sunless Bronzing Gel from Sukin. It is suitable for both the face and body, and it contains among others aloe vera to keep my skin hydrated. The actual gel is dark, to give you instant colour, and it also makes it easy to see where you’ve applied it.

The gel is easy to apply, and it absorbs quickly into the skin, and once absorbed it is non-greasy on the skin, so you can get dressed more or less immediately without fearing that you will stain your clothes.

The gel is enriched with lemon myrtle and lime oils, which gives it the most gorgeous citrus scent – my favourite scent, and although a slight scent develops along with the tan, compared to other self-tanners it is very minimal, and best of all is that the lovely citrus scent is strong enough to overpower this scent.  

The tan develops within a few hours, and you end up with a natural looking streak free glow. You can build up the colour by applying daily for a few days until you get the desired colour, but for me one application is sufficient. The tan has a good staying power, lasting for a good 4-5 days, before it naturally fades.

So I have finally found a self-tanner that doesn’t have a horrible scent. It not only gives you a natural grease-free glow, it is also Australian made and owned, and free from all chemical nasties including sulphates, synthetic fragrances or colours, mineral oils or parabens.

RRP: $17.95 (200ml) – Available from Priceline and select pharmacies

So there you have it, these are the products which will help my family stay sun safe this summer..

*These products were kindly provided for consideration, and have been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

What do you think of these products? Have you tried any of them? What is your preferred sunscreen? Do you use the same sunscreen for both face and body?

As always, if you would like a more detailed review of any of the products, do let me know in the comments below.



  1. I'm glad Melbourne is warming up in time for my holiday there in a couple of weeks! My favourite sunscreen is invisible zinc for sure!

    1. It has been nicer lately, but with just 20 degrees yesterday and today, it is still cold considering we're in December - I believe its the coldest and worst summer in Melbourne I've ever experienced. Hope you will have a great time while you're here, and that the weather is nice too. I love the Invisible Zinc too, I will definitely be repurchasing!

  2. I love the Sukin bronzing gel too, gives such a natural look and I always get so many nice comments when I've applied it :)

    1. I'm really liking it too, gives such a natural looking tan - plus I love that its an Australian brand too!

  3. I really love Hawaiian Tropic, Banana Boat & Panama Jack :) And especially the aerosol sprays - they are awesome :) Smells amazing too ;)
    I'm a lot better at sun protection than what I used to, I've experienced way too many boiled lobster conditions….:S I'm from Norway (and of the very pale type) so I am painfully aware of how damaging it can be not protecting correctly!
    Anyway, I love the sun and actually I will be going to Australia in April!
    Would you have any thing to say about what I could be expecting of the weather in Brisbane/Sydney at that time? :))
    Ha en god dag :-)) x

    1. Thanks Karla! I've never heard of Hawaiian Tropic of Panama Jack before, will definitely have to look into them! And I am sadly the same, having grown up in Denmark where the summer is short, when the sun was finally out, we'd be out in the sun all day, so I've had some lobster moments too!! Enjoy your trip to Australia in April! April is Autumn, so the weather has cooled down, but you can still expect nice sunny days, and even more so in Brisbane! Ogsaa god dag til dig!!

  4. Grazie, davvero molto interessante e utile


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